Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adoption update

So many of you have been asking what our status is, so I shall now give you a little rundown on our Journey to Bethlehem.

Okay, so that's the first news! IT'S A GIRL!!

Or, rather, IT'S GONNA BE A GIRL!

All along, Walker wanted a girl. First, because he just loves baby girls. Second, because he says that it is harder for women in a third world country. I said we would pretend we were pregnant and take whatever came, which probably would mean a boy. And that is okay, because baby boys make me melt into puddles of simple syrup.

But the truth was, I secretly hoped it would be a girl.

Then I wrote the post last month about Mary giving birth to Jesus. As I researched birth practices of 2,000 years ago, it occurred to me that things have really not changed much in Ethiopia, where 1 in 27 women will die in childbirth. Additionally, another 500,000 annually will suffer lasting disabilities from childbirth. Some of which will contribute to her life ending, on average, by age 53.

And that is when I just accepted the fact that I really, really wanted a little girl. And since I get to choose for the first time ever...I'm choosing a girl.

And her name with be Bethlehem, aka Baby Bethie.

Giggle giggle pink pink pink!!!

Okay, so where are we in our quest?

We have turned in our first set of Gladney applications, and are waiting for them to schedule our homestudy with us, which is where a social worker comes to our house, spends several hours making sure we are not total loons, while we bribe our children with cough drops to please at least act like trained monkeys until she leaves.

I have some more Gladney paperwork to do, in addition to our dossier, which is the big huge daunting nightmare inducing stack of papers filled out by us and everyone that knows us, that will ultimately be notarized, signed in blood, sealed with a kiss, and sent over to the Ethiopian government.

We also decided to hire someone to help us complete said dossier, a wise decision considering I can't get a load of laundry put away, much less get a stack of papers almost as high as my laundry stack authenticated the three times.

What does 'authenticated' mean?


My goal is to have all the paperwork completed by Easter. Then, we will be put on the wait list for a referral, which is when they send us a photo of a baby girl and say, "Do you want her?" and we say, "Um, YES!!!" The average wait time for a referral right now is eight months. I am aiming for a very cute Christmas present.

After the referral, Gladney will represent us in court twice, and after we pass both court dates, we will hop on a plane. Which will hopefully - prayerfully - be before next Easter.

Soon I will post how God has met our needs financially in ways that have made me shake my head in awe and wonder. Of course I wished He would just write us one big fat check - but thus far, His method has been to provide us with exactly the amount we have needed exactly when we have needed it.

It's like He's trying to make it abundantly clear Who's in Charge or something.

Until I can write all the details, just trust me - the Lord is glorifying Himself mightily.

On that note -
  1. My precious buddy Amber has volunteered to host a garage sale as a fundraiser for us on March 6. If you would like to donate stuff to it, email me! Bring it on! One woman's trash is another woman's trash that might make some bucks!
  2. I am excited about this one - I am in the process of designing some t-shirts to sell on the blog. I honestly think they are going to be the coolest t-shirts. Cool. Est. So cool. Way cool!!
I shall now attack some laundry.

Laundry that has been sitting there so long, it might launch a defense.

PS - I am attending a seminar in Houston this Sunday about Haitian adoption, mainly to find out more information, since several people have asked. I will report back what I learn.


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