Wednesday, January 27, 2010

America's Next Top Siestas

As promised.

Because I am all about keeping promises.

Unless the promise was, if you do not clean up, you will not go to your very first baseball practice. Then I want to break the promise, because it kills me K I L L S me to have my baby boy miss his first baseball practice.

But Daddy is here to enforce the Law when I want to modify the promise.

So as my sweet baby boy cries himself to sleep upstairs (sigh) I shall blog away the pain.

Tears on my keyboard...

The weekend was fabulous. Not only because I got to finally see Deirdre, her husband Martin, and her precious baby Ginny

(insert photo of Deirdre and Martin and precious baby Ginny that did not make it on to the CD from CVS because I still have not found the thingamathing)

and stay up until 2am talking to her.

And not only because our husbands totally hit it off, and I mean, totally, they are now BFFs.

(If you are married then you know how rarely you set your husband up with a friend's husband and they actually hit it off. Jenny and I have calculated it - it happens once every five years.)

and not only because we discovered Gumbeaux's, the best Cajun food restaurant I think I have ever, ever been to

Ever. Yes, even better than Pappadeaux. (Notice the kids in the back who are already too cool to sit with their parents.)

And not only because the I love girl time more than almost anything. Or because I got to see old friends and meet new ones. Or because Beth taught on Psalm 119, which is very special to me because of a time when I was young single and stupid.

But for another reason as well.

Remember back when I blogged about how Tracy Jo and I had discovered that the best way to take a photograph was to do the Back Twist Perfect Pose, where you hold hands and turn around and smile? Which is so Perfect because it makes you look skinny AND VERY IMPORTANTLY you can always crop off your butt ESPECIALLY if your butt is under an oatmeal covered sweater that makes it look GINORMOUS.


Friday night I started to take a photo and someone - can't recall who - said "Let's try the Perfect Pose!"

So we did.

Deirdre and moi

We tried it

moi and Beth

with anyone

moi and Travis Cottrell.
In Modified, Non-Hand-Holding Perfect Pose.


Amanda and moi
Could she look more gorgeous? Seriously, she proves my point completely!
Meanwhile I'm working the Zoolander.

came around

moi and Lindsee.
Lindsee was bending down y'all. She was making herself shorter.
And yet she still towers over me. How pathetic is that?

And I am more than a tad disturbed at how lopsided my eyes are.
At least they match several other mismatched body pairs o' mine.

and was willing

Marla Taviano, aka, Possibly the Sweetest Person Alive.
She could only be sweeter if she were shorter. Or if I were taller.


moi and Georgia Jan, who is very fabulous.
And part of her >Missy height is hair. Fabulously.

we ran into

Susan Kirby, Living Proof staff, and Nice Mystery Lady

untilmoi and Melanie/Big Mama

my camera batteries died (DOH) or else we would have gotten a Perfect Pose with every siesta there.

But next year, Siestas, my camera will be charged to the hilt!!
Get ready!!


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