Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the love of girlfriends and Mexican food and IBC on tap

Several months ago Amanda and I started tossing around the idea of getting some Houston bloggers together. But as you may know, when you have little kids? And then Christmas comes along? Ah, the unrequited dreams.

Then a couple of weeks ago Amy said, Hey, let's get some bloggers together for dinner!

The dream became a reality last night.

Look at all these rockin blogstars!

We chatted, we laughed, and as for myself I even got a little teary talking to both Kristen and Heather. It was just so much fun.

How much of a blessing are girlfriends???

The only thing that could have made last night more magical were if, while all these amazing women were either catching up or getting to know each other, some beautiful election results came in from Massachusetts.

Oh wait! That did happen!!

Yes, 'twas one enchanted evening.

Lindsee getting her baby fix with precious Jude

And if that weren't enough, my bestest friend I have never met is coming to see me Thursday night, and then we will be at the Siesta Fiesta this weekend.

I am going to be riding such an estrogen high I may never come down!


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