Friday, January 29, 2010

Links for a rainy weekend

Please, please hear Kay Warren discuss orphan care in this Focus podcast. Go here, and search for the November 16 broadcast. I am seriously considering putting this on CDs and passing it out to everyone who raises an eyebrow when we say we are adopting an orphan from Africa.

I really want Mandi to make me this menu board. I know exactly where I would hang it.

36 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress

Have y'all been following the Rifqa Bary case? It makes me need to reduce stress in about 36 ways. Please pray for our little sister.

I just got an awesome deal on diapers and wipes, shipped straight to my door (glory), thanks to Money Saving Mom (Up and Ups are my favorite brand, btw. The polka dots are adorable on Ike's booty)

And lastly, the blog world has been rocked recently by Lisa Smith's frightening news. Please hop over and intercede to the God Who Sees for sweet Lisa, and join her facebook Prayer Wall.

My heart is heavy tonight, y'all.
Between Lisa, and Debra, and Haiti, and several other stories I have heard lately - I know y'all also have those days when you just feel the weight of the sin of this world. I strongly believe that when we intercede for others, God transfers some of their pain away from them and onto our hearts. And it wearies us. But what a blessing to be a member of this miraculous Body of Christ. Better that many should limp than that one should fall!!

Keep warm and dry -


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