Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All those years ago

My sister-in-law Laurel sent me a picture today of my new nephew Linc's first smile (yea!) and that got me looking for photos of my kiddos' first smiles and that got me looking back to four years ago this month.

Care to stroll down Memory Lane?

(If Walker were here he would make some joke about Mammary Lane because he is mature like that.)

In February of 2006, Shepherd was two and a half. He was hysterical and, as all his mothers' day out teachers kept telling me, "All boy. 100% boy."

His new baby sister had kicked him out of his crib and into a big boy bed

He absolutely adored "MY bebe" (sitting in the sunlight to work off her jaundice suntan)

And he was learning to play air guitar.

Seriously. That's what he's doing there. At two. All boy. 100% boy.

Eva Rose was 17 months old.

She had a new baby sister, and while she loved playing mommy to her (she still does)

some days it was hard to adjust (it still is)

She was absolutely beautiful and talking like crazy (at 15 months, she had told her daddy, "Daddy. I see a bug" and led him straight to a dead cockroach, like a good Texas baby.)

and the diva side of her was already in full swing.

Maggie Belle was almost two months old, the easiest baby ever born, who never cried, and was just starting to give me those sweet crooked smiles

I thought she was the most beautiful baby girl

even though most of her pictures still turned out like this

She was nursing like a champ - the first (and last) baby to do that for me, but not sleeping through the night yet, so we were very, very tired.

As for me, I was doing okay. Mostly.

About as well as could be expected considering I had a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn.

Saying that now sounds positively absurd to me.

The only thing more absurd was that thirteen months later, I would have a three year old, a two year old, a one year old, and a newborn.

Yeah, we're freaks.

But we're blessed freaks.


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