Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep it clean, people! Keep it clean!

Y'all, my house is so dang cluttered that I expect the phone to ring any minute and the A&E people to be on the other end asking me to be on the next episode of Hoarders.

I'm just a few dead cats and one trip to Costco away, people.

If you don't watch the show that previous sentence was probably incredibly confusing to you.

Walker is away at his Thursday night bible study/accountability group/steak grilling/Russian card game playing/intervention/excuse to hang with his buddies thing and I do want it to look a little bit nicer when he returns. So.

I had this cute i-dear. Or at least it seemed kinda cute the other day when I thought it up. It may go down in blog herstory as one of my dumber ideas, but here goes.

Hit me.

Not literally, we do not hit in this house, I mean hit me with some questions. In the comments. Ask me anything. Anything at all. Be as nosy as you wanna be. My world is your oyster.

And then next week, I am gonna use the random number intergerneratorer thing to pick a question from one of the comments! And answer it!!


Mark set go!!


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