Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things are tough all over

Just got back from packing up about a million "hygiene kits" that our church provided. My dear sweet precious gorgeous friend Jill Ann, that's Dr. Jill Ann, is headed to Haiti with Mission to the World tomorrow. She'll be there about two weeks or so. Please pray for her protection, both her body and her soul. Jill Ann's a pediatrician and I know she is going to see some things that will break her heart. I am so proud to call her friend and oh, how I wish I were going with her!

Plus, her hair is quite fabulous.

Speaking of doctors. And hygeine.

Driving home, I saw this.

Now, am I crazy because I just wouldn't care to go to a downtown-doc who used this means of marketing? Seriously?

"Stop the car!! I been looking all over for me a new gy-no! Write down that number before the next storm hits and blows it down!"

Or is it just me??


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