Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog people?

Part 1

Where did we leave off.

Oh yeah. My husband, my partner, my soulmate, my beloved, my supporter in petness or in want, had just called me a Bad Parent. A Potentially Bad Parent anyway.

"I can't believe you are doing this to me."

He smiled.

"This is gonna be YOUR DOG. You hear me? YOUR'S. YOU pick up the poop. YOU train him. YOUR DOG. Got it?"

"Of course! My dog! Of course!"

"You're picking up the poop!!"

"Of course!" he smiled. I thought dubious thoughts and buried my head in my arms.

I spent some time (HOURS) on and learned that a there was a place not far away that took in poodles and poodle mixes and they had several cuties available. I braced myself.

The next morning Shep bounced all over the house, "We're getting a hamster! When we getting a hamster? We're still getting a hamster, right Mom? When? We're getting a hamster! When we goin Mom? Where are we getting a hamster?"

To his last question I answered, "At the Houston Hamster Rescue Center. What are you gonna name him?"

"ROCKET! Rocket the hamster! Yippee!"

"You sure you want Rocket?" I asked. "How about Twomey? That was my grandma's maiden name." (And the name I had always dreamed I would name a dog, if I ever got a dog, which I would never do.) "It's a family name. Good Irish name. Isn't it great? Twomey! Come, Two-mey! Get it? Ha ha! How about Twomey, Shep?"

Shep wrinkled his nose. "Twomey? No way Mom. I'm naming him ROCKET!"

Soon we loaded all four kids into the car and headed to the Hamster, er, Poodle Rescue Center to choose Rocket/Twomey. As Walker waited with the kids on the porch, our wonderful volunteer Sam took me back to look at all the available "hamsters." I decided that choosing which pet would become my newest child was the one area where I could finally exert some control.

The rescue center has a tent where the bring out the dogs to be introduced. A safe place to make small talk and see if the two of us hit it off, if he laughed at my jokes, if he could dance, before we make a lifetime commitment to each other.

There was one puppy that I was told was very calm, very docile, very laid back. YES! That's Twomey! Puppy came out, looked at me...and utterly blew me off. Wouldn't give me the time of day. The Alex Forrest in me said, I'm not gonna be ignored! Next!

Then we brought out "Lindy Boy," whom I had seen on First Lindy Boy went out to pee twice in the rain, which I considered a very. good. sign. Then Lindy Boy took off like a...rocket. He ran and ran around the tent. He jumped up on me, gently. He ran some more. He sniffed a ball. He sniffed me. But when I reached down to him, he let me pick him up, and he snuggled with me, and put his head on my shoulder, and looked deep into my eyes, and he whispered, "Hi, Mommy."

I called Walker. "I found Rocket. Bring 'em back!"

"Good," Walker said. "Cause Shep is getting a little suspicious at all the DOGS around here."

The kids came through the gate

and I said, "Hey Shep. Here's your new HAMSTER!"

Sam videotaped it, which you can watch here, where Shep asks, "Do you have real hamsters here?"

And Shepherd's life was complete.

And I got back my Good Mother card.

And became a Dog Person.

And I have yet to pick up any poop.


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