Sunday, March 28, 2010

The prayers of righteous women wake me up!!!

Oh. My. Word.

From y'all's lips to God's ears. I woke up this morning and felt NORMAL like I have not in weeks! I stayed home from church with Mags who is covered head to toe in some itchy rash - please please let it be the Contagious Jungle Rot, please let it be anything but a certain allergy to a certain kind of mammal - and I got so much accomplished!! Whoo hoooo!!

Except for, um, blogging about a pet Shep may or may not have gotten.

Which I should be able to complete tomorrow.
Art takes time.
(insert snort here.)

Until then, thank you so much for your prayers. And keep them up. It's a beautiful thing to have energy. Thank you Jesus!!

As my token of love to you, I leave you with this.

I have seen Anita Renfroe twice now in person and have just about wet my pants both times. Especially when she sings this song, which pops into my head often when I lie in bed with my beloved.

Often. As in, daily.

Be blessed...and with God as my witness, I'll blog tomorrow.

PS - thank you for all your advice re CFS - I do believe a future blog post is in order.


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