Monday, March 1, 2010

A quick word from Walker

This morning as I was just getting myself comfortable within my cube at work I got a call from Missy on my iPhone. Frowning a bit, I picked up the phone and punched “ACCEPT”.

Walker: Hello?

Missy (sounding mad): Where’re my keys?

Side note: Last night I drove Missy’s car to move it out of our driveway. I remember dropping off her keys in the upper left-hand part of the cubby next to the driveway door. That is where they usually are when they are not being used to shuttle little children around.

Walker: They’re in the cubby.

Missy (still sounding mad): No, they are not.

Side note #2: I also remember that in the hustle and bustle of the morning chaos the kids and thoroughly TRASHED their cubbies in a mad-dash effort at finding matching shoes, finding their coats, finding their backpacks, etc. Maybe the keys had got lost in the shuffle?

Walker: I distinctly remember putting them in the cubby, babe.

Missy (still mad): I looked the in the cubby. I looked in your Man Box (my vanity). Not there.

Walker: Are you sure?

From the phone I hear Missy rooting around in the cubby area.

Missy (still mad): They are not there, Walker! I looked!

Missy (a little less mad): Here they are.

Walker: Awesome.

Missy (for some reason getting mad again, a gathering storm): Next time, could you…

Walker (to himself): Oh, no…what could it be? How in the world was putting Missy’s keys where they go 95% of the time be “my bad”?

Missy: (sigh)…BYE! (click)

That was it? I guess it was!


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