Monday, March 15, 2010

Quite the view

Shortly after our wedding, I realized that while my new husband was my very best friend, he was still my best male friend. It only took a few months and one pregnancy to realize that he was not a girlfriend. He was actually nothing like a girlfriend, nor would he ever be. Nor would he ever want to be.

Because even my sensitive, communicative, Project Runway watching husband could give a flying flip about certain crucial topics, such as:
  • Spit up
  • Hill Country dryness vs. the Houston humidity and its effects on skin and hair
  • The mildew and bacteria level of bathtub toys
  • Vetoed baby names
  • The fact that orange is very in
  • Engorgement
  • Fantasy plastic surgery
Yet everyone of these topics was discussed appropriately this weekend, while sitting on rocking chairs or around a dinner table or in front of a fire on a ranch in Bandera, Texas. Not with my would-be-bored husband. With five women I am so blessed to call my girlfriends.

We were the female representatives of our Who's Pregnant Supper Club that has been meeting together for seven years now. While our very accommodating and much appreciated husbands stayed home with 15 of the living children we've created between us, the six of us - plus one nursing newborn and three babies in utero - traveled to Lauren's family's ranch in Bandera. True to my name as the Baby-Hogger I spent much time holding delicious Trent, the latest son of my dear friend Carol. As I stood on the back porch and showed him this view

I whispered in his ear, oh, baby, just look at what God made!

Six women - older, wiser, and somewhat softer and saggier than we were when we first began meeting - rocked and cooked and ate and talked. And laughed. And talked. And cried. And ate some more. And talked some more.

And most importantly, prayed. We declared this a "stop and pray" weekend, and whenever a concern was raised about one of us or an absent girlfriend, we stopped, and we took the issue before our Father. Then talked and rocked and laughed and cried and ate chocolate cheesecake and talked some more.

A large, fascinating, sometimes heartbreaking part of the conversation centered around our childhoods and the effects that our fathers had on our minds, our hearts, our views of God, our marriages, our mothering. And we marveled at how the group of us, while so disparate, is a walking portrait of grace and redemption and living proof that our Lord makes all things new.

This morning, before we went back home to our best male friends, we sat on the patio and took these pictures of six very different, closer than ever girlfriends.

As I look at them now, I think to myself: Oh, wow - just look at what God made!


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