Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A tour of the Proverbs 32 Ministries Headquarters

We just got back from THE most wonderful vacation. I will tell you all about it soon.

But right now I am in that, I need a vacation from my vacation stage. I am tard.

So I am going to take one more question. I did not do the random number integer, I just chose the easiest one. (By the way, you can still leave questions for me on the question post. Really. I love not having to think.)

Jawan is either in need of some encouragement or a sadist, but either way, she asked me to post pictures of the clutter in my house.

{deep exhale}

Okay, FINE.

(I can hear my mother screaming from across town DON'T DO IT MELISSA! DON'T HUMILIATE YOURSELF IN THIS WAY!!)

To be fair to myself, this was a crazy weekend. We had a garage sale Saturday morning, then got up and drove to Dallas Saturday afternoon. Just got in late last night. And I had Smockaholics last week.

My point is my life has been nuts for the past two weeks. Nuttier than the usual nutty. Chock full o nuts.

Despite my worthy excuses, I have a problem with clutter. There. I've admitted it. Which is supposed to be the first step to solving it.

It's the second step I am having trouble with.

So if you came to Naptime today for a self-esteem boost, I'm your gal! (Cept I hate the word gal. I'm your girl. Your chica. Your woman. Your loser friend with the trashed house.)

{deep exhale}

Here are my "hot spots", as FlyLady calls them.
Hope I don't sear your corneas.

The kitchen counter:

That tub contains all the stuff for my junk drawer that I cleaned out to be reorganized. Sometime in January.

The kitchen table. Okay, this contains a roadtrip worth of junk that was dumped there last night when Walker unloaded the car (see the suitcase on the floor?) The kitchen table usually is not bad because, like, we eat there.

It also contains the leftover pb&honey sandwiches that those two clutterbugs on the couch did not put in the sink as they have been told to do 3,867 times.

The front entry, covered with mail and newspaper.

And leftover books from the garage sale, ready to haul to Half Price Books so they can offer us a whopping $4 for them.

The bar by the back entry:

Sadly, this is pretty typical because it is the first encountered surface from the garage. It just doesn't stand a chance. (That is my favorite piece of furniture. I should show it to you sometime.)

This one I am including because it is not currently cluttered:

We do not call four items clutter. We call four items a miracle. And the remote control in plain view? Wow! What a wondrous Tuesday it is!

The dining table:

In the box is Baby Bethie's room. My friend Shelly had her daughter Allison's room done so beautifully in light purple with a wisteria and bunny theme. Every time I would walk in there I would just sigh. So when she redid Allison's room she asked if I wanted it all - um YES! Including the purple Pottery Barn rug there on the floor. I KNOW!!

The hanging clothes are leftover Smockaholics (Nicki? When you comin' to pick up your stuff?) What's in the laundry basket? Heck if I know.

And the coup de grace: the laundry room, vomiting textiles into the breakfast room.

Which is one reason why I really need to get off the computer. (That's a red tablecloth in the lower right hand corner, and when I opened it up there was an opened gogurt in there. From last week.)

There. I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the Proverbs 32 Ministries Headquarters.

God bless y'all and have a clutter free day.

(Happy now??)


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