Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call to Action

Most of you are aware of the recent situation regarding Torry Hansen, the Tennessee mother who put her 7 year old adopted Russian son on a plane to Russia with a note in his pocket saying she no longer wished to parent him.

For various reasons, adoption abruptions do sometimes (rarely) occur. But the manner in which she handled it is not only an unconscionable case of child abuse, but also threatening the adoptions of the thousands other orphans in Russia who need and deserve loving families.

And a threat to international adoptions in one country is a threat to international adoptions in all countries.

We learned very quickly after we announced our intent to adopt that Satan hates adoption and fights it with all his might. The spiritual warfare we have contended with has been real and intimidating. As more Christians hear the call of God to rise up and protect the orphan, the armies of the Enemy assemble and seize every opportunity to attack.

I recently received this petition via email:

Recognizing that the tragic abandonment of Artyem Saviliev is an isolated incident and is not at all indicative of the thousands of successful adoptions between Russia and the United States, we, the undersigned:

- Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to lead an effort to ensure that the rights of children are protected and that every child’s right to a permanent and safe family is not interrupted due to the suspension intercountry adoption services.

- Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to ensure that their governments aggressively prosecute any individual involved in child abuse to the fullest extent of the law.

Would you please take thirty seconds to go here to sign this petition? I would be so blessed if a couple more thousand signatures were the result of my blog.

Please let me know when you signed it, and tweet, blog, facebook away, sweet invisable friends. There are kiddos in Russia who need our help.


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