Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Questions from the audience - about abortion and wee women

Eva Rose, 24 weeks and 5 days old

From the Ask Missy files.

Random number generator came up with this question, which was left by Annie Anonymous:

I've read your blog for a little while and admire your out-spokenness regarding your political and religious views. Some, though not all of my views are similar, and I've wondered...have you had an opportunity to volunteer with women/teens pre- and post-abortion? If so, how did it affect you? I know your views are very strong, but some of their stories are heartbreaking, and even though we may not agree with their decisions, it's a valuable experience. It's a wakeup call on so many levels--people who are smug (I don't mean you, just some people) in their beliefs often point fingers and blame politics for the number of abortions taking place, but seem to lose sight of the fact that women who've had abortions are children of God, too, and God feels their sorrow and is crying along with them.

I posted on this before somewhat here, back before the election, when I wanted to claw my eyeballs out with all the emails I got from friends and family telling me that it was a sin to vote for a pro-abortion president when they themselves had done nothing to prevent abortions in their own neighborhoods. I feel pretty strongly about that too.

So, have I ever volunteered with women pre and post abortion?

The short answer: No, I haven't.

The long answer: I have been wanting to do this for years but God has not allowed me to yet. My BFF C volunteers with Fifth Ward Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Houston and every time she tells me stories, I turn a shade of envygreen, and C says something like, "I cannot wait till God has you do this. But now is not the time." And I pout a little.

So why hasn't God let me?

Well, when your name is Missy you are always dreaming up schemes. God hasn't let me do lots of things. Other things God has not (yet) let me do: bible study leader (cause I have been trained); volunteer hospital chaplain; foster parent; new mommy mentor; write more; sell everything we own and move to Haiti as missionaries; American Idol.

(He tells me no a lot. A lot. And then sometimes he laughs at me, pats me on the head, say's aren't you cute and tells me when I am caught up on my laundry we'll talk about me tackling the world.)

(Oh wait, that isn't God who does that, that's my husband.)

BC, Before Children, I was a Court Appointed Child Advocate, which was time consuming and emotionally draining, but the most fulfilling service I ever did. I could not have worked at a crisis pregnancy center simultaneously because I am only one wee woman.

But, it's also possible that God kept me away because I mighta been one of Annie's 'smug people' who looked down on women who had abortions and could not fathom how they could possibly kill their own child, no matter what the circumstances.

Then I became friends with Joanna, who was working for CareNet, and who told me the backstory behind so many of those very women.

Jo told me how Planned Parenthood and the other abortion clinics lie to the girls and tell them they are more pregnant than they are so that they can charge them more for the abortions. That Jo had even seen women come into CareNet who weren't even pregnant, but the abortion clinics had told them they were so they could charge them for an imaginary abortion, and saddle them with lifelong guilt over something that never happened. Jo said it was the Christian girls were often the most likely to abort because they feared being judged by other Christians for getting pregnant. She told me that most women who have an ultrasound choose life, because a picture is worth a million words.

And Joanna invited me to a benefit for CareNet where one of the speakers was a girl just like me, from a family like mine, who had gotten pregnant by a guy who never wanted to see her again, right after she landed her dream job that required lots of travel to the cool town of NYC. She spoke about how scared she was, how she hated to lose this job, how heartbroken she was to disappoint her parents, how her friends would never understand her "stupid" decision to not get an abortion. She spoke about how she would lie in bed and her mind would race and she would cry and decided that abortion was the only way. But God spoke to her louder than her racing brain and got her into CareNet where they told her that yes, it was scary but doable and they would help her every step of the way, and then they did. She had a beautiful baby girl. And I realized, she wasn't evil at all.

She was just like me.

I believe that after the babies, the mothers are the biggest victims of abortion. Abortion clinics capitalize on their panic and desperation and tell them the lies they so want to believe. Then they abandon them to the regret and guilt for the rest of their lives.

And I can't wait till I get to go work with those women. Maybe telling them that they are no greater a sinner than I am and that Christ makes all things new. Or maybe teaching some parenting classes - I've already thought about what I would say. I might have even rehearsed it when I was alone in my car.

When, God? When?? (Pout.)

Then He reminds me, child, there's a baby in Ethiopia who needs you to do some paperwork. And you are only one wee woman. One dream at a time, one dream at a time.

For more information on how to get involved locally, please click here: InspireLife


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