Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend link/podcast/youtube love

Your links:

One of my BBFs (best bloggy friend) Nichol explained so eloquently why Christians should adopt here.
(By the way, Nichol's real name is Nichol Starr. Really. It's not just a name her agent talked her into when she first came to Hollywood. Could it be more fabulous?)

Choosing Life in Ethiopia

Loved this photojournalism of Ethiopia

Scandal of Genocide: War on Baby Girls by Al Mohler (ht to Challies)

A story from Haiti: this broke my heart

And to break my Debbie Downer cycle (good grief y'all, didn't mean to be so glum!)
Go here to download some really cool free fonts!!

And I have thoroughly enjoyed grossing out everyone I know lately with this fabulous find (you know you can't help but click. Go ahead. Then please leave me a comment expressing your thoughts.)

Your Podcast:

I am WAY excited about these. Paige Benton Brown rocks a big fat casbah and she doesn't speak much anymore. But she came out from under the mommy rock for a conference and y'all don't want to miss it. She's speaking about the heart. She's fun and funny and deeeeep. Go here or here to listen.

Now your YouTube:

This is footage of San Francisco in 1905, shortly before the earthquake. It's really amazing.

I do it all for you, invisibles.
Have a great weekend.


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