Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adoption Carnivals

Kristen at We Are That Family is having an adoption carnival tomorrow - if you are in the process, please link up with her. And if you are not in the process, then please hop around the links and offer prayer and if led, financial support for those of us who are. Trust me, this process is long and frustrating and we covet your prayers!

Also, LoraLynn and I are working on another adoption carnival soon, where each country/situation will be represented. It will be one stop window shopping for anyone considering adoption. It's coming soon!

On a completely different note, I am considering running for congress on the platform that all Kristens/Kristans/Kristins will be required to spell their names one way. It will provide a sense of national unity in these stressful times. I hope I can count on your vote.

Perhaps I should just become a Supreme Court Justice and legislate from the bench. Much easier.

On another completely different note, my computer is making very strange and concerning sounds right now.

And on a really nother note, did you know doodle bugs are not insects? They are crustaceans, like crabs or shrimp. The things I learn in the course of mothering.

Laundry calls.

Laundry calls loudly.


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