Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not in a black mood anymore

I cannot tell you how blessed I have been by the simpatico, humor, and wisdom left in the comments over the past couple of days. Y'all rock the casbah and I so appreciate you, every last weird one of you.

But now, it's on to more life changing matters.

I simply cannot abide my starring role in The Addams Family Moves to Suburbia one more day.

One's hair should not camouflage into one's clothing.
Something has to be done.

Thanks to the beauty of Twitter, I was strongly advised by many of y'all that one cannot just dump another Miss Clairol concoction over one's head when one's head was fool enough to die one's head black, which was the way one had originally planned to rectify one's situation.

It has something to do with, like, chemistry? And considering I 'passed' high school chemistry with a pity score of 69, I couldn't explain it to you if you put a flatiron to my head.

By the glory of googling tags like "help i dyed my hair black please help i can't live like this" I was led to a certain product that promised to restore me to my former mousy brown with gray lack of glory.

It's called Color Oops. In true product placement genius, it was right next to the Splat shades of Luscious Raspberry and Blue Envy.

I had gone to the CVS to find the Color Oh Ca-raaaaaap but they were out. This will have to do.

It's a complicated endeavor, but I'm up for the challenge.

Well, mainly I'm just broke and desperate.

So now, at 10:17pm....I'm goin in.

Wednesday morning Update:
I don't mean to leave y'all hanging but I've been cleaning up puke since midnight. Well, since Sunday, but it hit two more kids last night. Three kids down, one with a fever who won't eat. Not looking good. I'll be back when I crawl out from under Mt. Vomit.


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