Friday, July 2, 2010

Hurricane link loves

Christi is having a fantastic raffle over here

Go here to vote for Carey's Talkumentary on Oprah!

Kelly's Korner: if you make and sell something, link up here

Adoption and Islam - Velly interesting. Velly non-Christian.

When Mom Doesn't Look like the Kids on NPR

Four False Converts and their Testimonies

Real names of 23 fictional characters Who knew Snuffleupagus had a first name? And was anyone besides me traumatized as a child because no one could see him but Big Bird?

Praising and praying for Meg, who just got baby Suhn in China

We got some bad news, which has delayed our adoption by weeks and possibly months (thanks a lot, Houston INS.) Yesterday, this was about the only thing that made me laugh. Hat tip to 22 Words.


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