Thursday, June 3, 2010

So, um, how was your day?

A glimpse into mine, via facebook status update:

Missy: I really hate it when I throw a screaming hissy fit on my husband and then realize I am PMSing. Really, really hate that. Sorry, Walker.

Erica it's those moments you can totally hear yourself being completely irrational and insane but can't stop!! and you see your poor husband with "deer in the headlights glaze" ug! sorry! sadly ...I understand!

Walker My wife is beautiful and charming.

Rachel I saw a couple having a "heated discussion" in the grocery store this week. The woman was holding a box of Midol, and my thought was "silly man, you've been warned."

Walker Ericka, you nailed it with your description. There I am shell-shocked and slack-jawed as a quickly building, irrational RAGE unfolds in front of a grenade going off in slow unstoppable, remorseless, withering force! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, MEN FOLK!!!

Erica let me say...we hate it too!!! we know! but its like a freight train off the rails!!! no stopping..just wreckage all over the place...its so ridiculous! it just build and builds...then BOOM! just still can't figure out why my husband is always right in the path of destruction when it all goes off!?? :) a spa day make things all better! hee hee! Hang in there Walker! She will be normal again soon!

Cheryl It is comforting to know that my poor husband is not the only man in the world that has to put up with hissy fits. Not only from a 3 year old and a 2 year girl, but alas, a 30 year old girl....

Thanks for the support, sisters. I owe you a venting session and some Midol.


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