Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A giveaway!! And a tangent!!

Jennifer at Monster Bug Blankets makes absolutely adorable onesies, bibs, burp cloths, and - sit down - blankets.

Check these out.

I know you just said, "Oh! I love ladybugs!" because the love of ladybugs occurs whenever two X chromosomes meet. We've loved them ever since that Arlo Guthrie sounding dude sang Ladybug Picnic on Sesame Street. (Yes, of course there's a youtube.) One two three....four five six....

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree, teasing Mr.

you can't catch me! Except I think that's an alligator not a crocodile. But I'm too lazy to wiki it up. Either way it's so cute.

(Let me channel Ikey)
(Picture me snorting and talking with a fake English accent like that chick who just to "channel" - what was her name? She "channeled" some thousands year old king named Ramtha? When I was in college she was always on in the middle of the night when I got home.) (Yes of course there's a youtube. And a wiki. My word people are still sending money to this shiester.) (It's real late y'all, can you tell?) (I fell out of my trance. Let me snort and channel Ikey again.)


Whew. That was exhausting. Please send money.

I don't have any random pop cultural references for this one.
It's just stinkin cute.

Jennifer is offering $36 for you to spend on your kiddo or on one of the 36 expecting women you know (or is that just me.) Go to her etsy store here, poke around, and tell me what tickled your fancy. Then leave me a comment and make sure I can contact you. Tweet it, facebook it, link it: earn another comment. US residents only.

She's also offering a 15% discount to anyone who puts 'I love naptime!' in the notes. You can wait for the revised invoice or pay and she will refund the discount. Discount does not apply to shipping.

I'll draw a winner on Sunday.


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