Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Perfect day

Walker is taking all week off for a staycation.


Yesterday we fulfilled a dream and put the kids in mother's day out all day and went to the pool. Just us. Me and my husband. No kids. On lawn chairs. With grownup books. As far away from the kiddie area as we could possibly get.

It was so wonderful, I can't even tell you. There was conversation and flirtation and jubilation. At almost 5pm we moseyed in all wet and sunburned and chillaxed to pick up the kids. After accusing us, "You left us here ALL DAY!" Eva Rose, PI froze and said, "Why is Daddy in his bathing suit?" Then she lifted my swimsuit cover up and gasped, "Y'all went swimming!! Y'all went and had fun WITHOUT!! ME!!"

Any chance we can get, babycakes. Any chance we can get.


That face. Oh, my word, I love that little face.
And I sorely wish my iPhone had a flash.

This morning, I woke up at 9:30am. Yessssss. While I slept, Walker had gotten the kids up, fed, dressed (I'm a little scared to see the result of that), taken them to mothers' day out, AND HE HAD GONE TO THE STORE ON THE WAY HOME AND BOUGHT MILK. I thought, wow, having a wife rocks!! I could get used to this!! Let's move to Juniper Creek!!

Every once in a while when I am in the midst of my wifely chores the little whiny woman who lives inside of me pouts, "Must be nice to have clean underwear just magically appear in your drawers." Then immediately afterwards I hear God answer Little Whiny Woman, "Yeah, about as nice as it is to have a paycheck just magically appear in your bank account." That tends to shut up Whiny Woman right quick.

I would so much rather be folding laundry with Judge Judy blaring in the background than making spreadsheets or whatever it is Walker does all day. Thank you, Lord.

Moving on.

After I drank my coffee with a dollop of ice cream in it (thank you again, Lord) Walker and I had a huge prayer time. If we know you, we probably prayed for you. And I only cried once, which is like, a record. Because I am a bit of an emoter, in case y'all hadn't figured that out. It was when we prayed for Bethie's birthmom, and I begged that she know the Lord so that all of us will spend eternity praising Christ together.

Could you get through that one without crying? If so, you are a much more hormonally stable woman than I, my friend.

Walker also prayed that (sigh) I might somehow (sigh) someway find the time (sigh) to write a book that Walker and severalothersyouknowwhoyouare keep urging me to (sigh) write. (Exasperatedsigh.) It would take a divine miracle, so, (sigh) we'll see if God answers that one.

Meanwhile, our only child at home, Rocket, ignored all his 48 chew toys and eviscerated some food storage. As is his custom.

Then as part of The Perfect Day, I asked Walker to sit on the couch and get him some DVRed Beth Moore just because he never does that with me. Which further confirmed my theory that did not need any more confirmation that women should be doing women's ministry and men should be doing men's ministry. Of course some ministry crosses gender lines, but on the whole, we know our own.

At one point Beth said something that really spoke to me. Right in my marrow. I got her. I looked over at my hairy husband and said, "You've never once been 'oppressed by your own emotions', have you?" He shook his head and said, "Nooope." And took a sip of beer.

Women ----------> women.
Men --------------> men.

But he did go "Hm. Hm." during the two whole Life Todays we watched and afterwards said, "She is an excellent teacher." So I'll keep him. Whew.

Afterwards, I made pizza with the ingredients that Walker picked up when he got the milk (spinach, baby bellas, and feta, oh my) and, you know, blogged.

Then WALKER picked up the kids.
And I discovered that they weren't dressed so bad after all!

If I can just teach him to accessorize...

(How cute does Eva Rose PI look? God bless handmedown fairies.)

Next on the agenda: naps and a 5:30 spin class. To burn off the ice cream coffee and pizza. Then tonight, when the kids are in bed, we have a Top Chef AND a Next Design Star to watch!

Yippee for Staycations!!!


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