Friday, August 27, 2010

In addition to his talking like he smokes a pack a day, Ikey has a pretty serious speech delay. It doesn't worry me - Maggie had one (still has some articulation issues, very, very cute ones) and the word is that I didn't talk until I was three, and look at me! Still making up for it!

Ike's language advancements will come in bursts, and we've had a pretty big one lately. He's increased his vocabulary but more importantly, and more excitingly, he's started using longer and complex sentences. And he's learning to express himself.

Like his sister, one of his favorite first words is....Jesus? No. Love? No. YoulookgorgeousMomma? Nope.


Oh, the power that word holds.

This morning I heard this conversation from the computer room:

Maggie: Mommy! Ikey called me stupid!
Me: Ikey, that's ugly talk. It's not loving. We don't use that word. Tell Maggie you're sorry.
Ike: Sowwy.
- pause, then quietly -
  I not sowwy, you tupid head.

Y'all, what a fantastic sentence!! A personal pronoun, a negative, an adjective, an offense! It expressed so much emotion!

I beamed with pride.
And disciplined the little sinner. Proudly.


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