Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School Decisions: One Family's Call

First guest post!

From Erin at Home With the Boys, who also recently started a awesome blog for boy moms over here.

And who made my ovaries quiver with that photo below.


Big J will be starting school in a year.

How did that sneak up on us? I SWEAR I was JUST holding him for the first time, marveling at his white-blond hair and realizing "We are taking this boy home!"


And now he is this goofy big kid ready to tackle the world of education.Summer 2010 003bwcrop

With this momentous occasion bearing down on us, I realized I had never made mention in Bloggy Land of our choice for school for our children. And with a blog called "Home with the Boys," people are rightfully making some assumptions.

Maybe you don't care about our school decision, but I'm going to tell you anyways because Missy gave me the floor here!

So what are we doing for school?

We are sending our children to public school.

Now, let me take a second to say that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against homeschooling or private school. School decisions are very personal and specific to each family and I see the advantages in each realm of education.

I can only speak to what we feel God is leading US to do with OUR children.

So why public school for our kiddos?

There are a few reasons, but it really boils down to two:

#1 - We are all called to be a light in the darkness, the salt of the earth, a witness to Jesus Christ and the Good News.

In my experience, these is no atmosphere quite like the public school system for our children to live out this calling. I'm not asking for my children to be overly outspoken evangelists, but I do pray that they will be prepared to have an answer for their faith (1 Peter 3:15) and that they will know the joy of God using them to further His Kingdom.

#2 - Our children will have to encounter the world and its influences at some point.

While we want to shelter them from everything possible, we also want these first encounters with the world to occur while we are able to walk them through it. To teach them that we are in the world, but not of it. To be sounding board as they discover the real manifestations of evil in this world and decide how they will respond as a follower of Christ.

Are there reasons to homeschool? Yes.

Are there reasons to send your kids to private school? Yes.

But God calls each of us in different ways, and I pray He will protect and bless our family as we walk in what He is asking us to do.


Erin is at Home with the Boys in Nebraska after five years as an elementary music teacher. Her Savior, her med-student husband and her two lively boys are the loves of her life - and the inspiration for her blog! She loves to cook, bake, craft & read as well, so there's always a little of that thrown in on the blog from time to time! And through it all, you'll probably find her breaking out in random song. A co-founder and creator of the M.O.B. Society, she also contributes to Gather Inspirit. She tweets at @homewiththeboys.

A word from Missy:

We intend to send our kids to public school. That's why we live in the burbs, instead of in the Big City where most of our friends and family are. It's always been our plan to send our kids to public school, partly for the reasons stated above, partly because it's paid for, and partly because, what with my education degree and all, I have absolutely no earthly desire to homeschool. There is a new classical Christian school near here, and I salivate about sending our kids there. You know, when we win the lottery. But for now, public schools are us. That's the plan.

So, Eva Rose starts kindergarten next week at a private, secular school.

Never planned that. But that is what she needs at this time. And I am fully aware that some of our babies may need homeschooling, some may need us to cough up money for that Classical Christian school, and some might even end up in (ahem) reform school.

Y'all, I would not be surprised if at some point we have five or six kids in five or six different schools. Because God gets a kick out of running me ragged. And I am so thankful that as parents, we have so many options available!


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