Monday, August 2, 2010

So long July, don't let the screen door hit you HARD. REAL HARD on the way out

I have never been so glad to see a month end in all my life.

You might think that holding my friend as we both stared at the tiny casket containing her tiny son would be enough. And it would be. Sweet Jesus, it would be.

And while none of my other curses even came close to matching that horrifying scene, there was some salt to be poured in the already gaping wound that was July 2010. Including but not limited to: stomach viruses (virusi?), mini-flus, hacking coughs, a $700 electric bill, having to give our dog away, many sobbing hugs over said dog, and perhaps the biggest knock-down-drag-out of our marital career.

But wait, there's more. Add UCIS holding up our biometrics for ELEVEN WEEKS AND COUNTING. If you do not speak Adoptionese, just know that is ridiculously long and ridiculously frustrating and delaying the adoption by months.

Oh, sweet August. I have such high hopes for you.
Please do not disappoint.

In the meantime, there are only two weeks until the majority of my children go back to school (how did that happen?) including one specific little girl who goes off into the big bad MTWThF world of kindergarten. So I am pseudo-unplugging until then to hang with them and alleviate a little of my mommy guilt for the extreme overabundance of Nickelodeon throughout much of July.

I do have some guest bloggers lined up. Most of them will be blogging on a "How to help your friend who is going through..." theme. It should be great.

Maybe one of them will do a How To Help Your Friend Who Has Severe Bloggy Block.

Probably not though....

Things will get back to normal around here later this month.
Because August is going to be FABULOUS.


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