Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adoption blogroll anybody?

Shhhhh, come close, I have a secret confession to make:

I don't read blogs that often.

Here's why. When I do, it is like I get sucked into a time warp, and before I know it it's 1am and I am still sitting here and the house is a mess and the bills aren't paid (it's always when I sit down to pay bills that this happens, like, um, now) and my husband is neglected and my kids' lunches are in no way made and I feel like the horrible Proverbs 32 woman that I am.

So I force myself to avoid the vortex.

But, for those of you in the adoption process, where it is wait wait wait wait then CRAZY FLURRY OF EXCITING ACTIVITY, I find myself missing out on referrals and (gasp) even gotchas.

So. I am going to add an adoption blogroll to this site so when Walker isn't looking I can hop around real quick and find out what the latest is.

If you want to be added, please leave me a comment with this info:

  1. blog url
  2. adopting from: (Ethiopia, China, domestic, etc)
  3. if you want, let me know where you live now, like, Texas, or more probably Tennessee since it appears to be a state law in Tennessee that you must adopt (I'm kidding but just sick enough to say - wow, wouldn't that be cool?)
  4. where you are in the process, eg, paperchase, waitlist, home
  5. If you are with Gladney, let me know that!
Then someday I'll put all this together. In all my spare time.

(What am I getting myself into??)


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