Monday, August 30, 2010

Sugar and baseball and fascists, oh my

Walker told me I had to be off the computer by 8pm. Okay, actually, I told him to tell me I had to be off by 8pm. To which he said, but you won't, and I said, but that's because you don't HELP me, I have an addiction, I had an intervention on my own self and I need your support, quit being an enabler, to which he said it's just like in college when Joel used to say he would pay us $10 to wake him up for class. It never worked. To which I replied, would you please just promise me you will help? Please? For the love of all things technical and holy?

So after that rigamarole I should probably kinda get off at 8pm. Which was 2 minutes ago.

Rigamarole, there's a word I just don't use enough.

I would just like to report that today Ike has managed to spill a sack of sugar and a small thingy of salt all over my floor. And he looked so stinking cute doing it. Sometimes my kids go through cute spurts, and my skull, he is smack dab in the middle of one. I could eat him up. Especially since he was already sugared and salted.

Sheppy's 7th (sob) birthday party was Saturday and it was fantastic. All the manlys went to take a tour of Minute Maid Park. And I'll just go ahead and be the bad mom and say that I was so excited that I did not have to go take a tour of Minute Maid Park. If another mom was going to come, then I would have, but all the dads could make it and I did not have to and I was e to the lated. We all met up for pizza afterwards and he opened up his presents, which consisted of a ball gun thing, some Star Wars thingys, a huge toy army tank, a GI Joe thingy, and a WWII let's not call it a doll who is an Italian solider named Andrea. Do you see a theme? Shep is OB to the SESSED now with all things military. His grandad took him to the military museum in Fredericksburg and now it is all he talks about.

I can think of few places I would less desire to go than the military museum in Fredericksburg. I'd choose Minute Maid Park over that. Can you tell I'm a little girly? I am not boyly, Maggie would say. Not boyly at all.

But just so you know, Andrea has some guns, and I don't mean the kind that shoot bullets. Check out boy's six-pack.

And piercing blue eyes. Just look at the dreamy looks on Barbie's and Nicki's faces.

Fascist or no, Ken is in big trouble. As are any American secrets that Barbie and Nicki may be privy to.

As you can tell by the photos above, my camera's flash broke so I asked dads Scott and Lance to bring their cameras and they took spectacular photos. I love my husband, but, a photographer he is not, so the broken camera thing completely worked to my ad to the vantage (am I ob to the noxious enough yet?)   Check out these pictures.

Since Sissy Rose was born when her 'big' brother was one year and ten days old, her 6th party is coming up this week. Then Maggie's 5th is in December but I am seriously wondering if I should do it in November instead, simply to spread out the toy fatigue if nothing else. Thoughts? If you were a Christmas baby, did you ever do that? And is it not pa to the thetic that I carry momguilt over making her a Christmas baby? Please, it's not like she was planned. (who said that?)

Tomorrow morning I have Moms in Touch and then my friend Nicole is making me go with her to something awful called Tabata, which I intend to call Tameka because I cannot remember Tabata. But I can remember Tameka. Don't ask me to explain the way my mind works. Anyway Tameka is supposed to be some ridiculously intensive workout routine. I thought Nicole loved me but evidently she does not because she is making me go with her to this torture class. Tameka was invented by the Japanese. Who were our enemies in WWII. As Shepherd constantly tells me. And who tortured people.

Guess who just walked in the door.....ah!! Gotta go!



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