Monday, September 20, 2010

And do you feel scared? I doooooo


Where have I been? I can't even provide an answer. Sucked into a mommy vortex.

Walker's birthday was Friday. Whoo hoo! Unbeknownst to him, as soon as he gets home from Shep's soccer practice, he will become the proud owner of a Kindle bought for him by his loving mother-in-law. A Kindle ordered off Amazon last Monday. A Kindle for which an extra $15 was paid so that it would be here by his birthday. A Kindle that arrived TODAY. From Amazon, who has told us that they will not refund the $15 for their SEVEN DAY SHIPPING. But I'm not aggravated or anything.

If this weren't a nice clean Christian mommy blog I would insert something like "amazon sucks" right here but it is so I won't.

Do y'all also have a slew of birthdays this time of year? Let me tell ya how it is around our house. My mother-in-law starts the trend on August 21. Then my mom is August 25. Shep: August 26. Eva Rose: September 5. My niece Wendy and my brother-in-law Seantre (short for Sean): September 6. And Walker closes us out on September 17.

Gee, wonder what went on approximately 40 weeks before?
Falalalala. Lala. La. La.

I always said that you should never have a baby in August or September because it makes the school thing hard - they are always the oldest or the youngest. And I always said I never wanted a Christmas baby because they get so ripped off. I birthed one August baby, one September baby, and one December baby. Falalalala. Lala. La. La.

Anyway now that the never ending birthday cake/restaurant carnival is over, time to haul myself back to the YyyyyyM C A and burn off some buttercream icing.

Another reason I have not blogged is because I have been camera-less. Now, if you are a long time reader, then you can embarrass me by knowing that this it the THIRD TIME in the history of It's Almost Naptime!! (two exclamation points!!) that I have been without a camera. The last two times I lost my tiny point and shoots, so last time I paid more for a bigger Sony Cybershot and guess what happened after two years? The flash died and Sony wants $150 to fix it.

If this weren't a nice clean Christian mommy blog I would insert something like "Sony Cybershot sucks" right here but it is so I won't.

I really wanted something that took better photos though, especially for Ethiopia, and I flirted with the idea of a DLSR but suddenly gleaned understanding into the term "commitment phobic" because the more I researched the more I had an urge to say, "it's not you, it's me" and just hang out with my friends. So I am looking for a good "bridge" camera. A bridge camera that does not get blurry in low light, ie, every room in my house. I am leaning towards the Canon PowerShot SX20IS. I am also wondering about buying a used or refurbished one. Any suggestions, oh wise photographer types?

And yes, I said soccer practice. I am officially a Soccer Mom. Who drives a minivan. And lives in the suburbs. Here, I have a crummy iPhone picture to prove it.

That would be his game face. Which worked because the Tornadoes won their first game 10-9! Go Tornadoes!!

Shep is loving soccer which is fun since the last time we tried when he was four he pronounced it "hot and boring" and only lasted three hot boring practices. But we had signed him up for soccer without asking his opinion - a mistake we have not made since. Around here, we have a 'don't ask don't tell' philosophy when it comes to activities. If they don't request to do something, I do not encourage it. And they have to ask more than once. Beg, I make them beg. This is why Shep is now loving soccer and my girls are taking art while my dream of being a suburban living minivan driving Ballet Mom goes unrequited.

The other exciting thing: I have made two count em two Aarti Party meals and they were both fantabulous. In case you limit your reality TV addiction and do not watch The Next Food Network Star, Aarti Sequeria is the delightful winner of the last season, and her show is about making Indian food accessible, which was thrilling to me because Indian is my favorite cuisine and I have always wanted to learn to cook it. First we made the Sloppy Bombay Joes and Kale salad, which was seriously one of the best meals I have ever cooked. Last night we made the Apple-Lime-Peanut-Slaw and Tandoori Chicken. I was loving it when my house smelled like an Indian restaurant last night. This afternoon when it still smelled like an Indian restaurant, um, not so much. Despite the new, lingering ambiance, our goal is to cook all her recipes. Yes. All of them. Which we definitely need to do since I now have big bags of various foreign seeds to use up: cumin seed, cardamom seeds, I got seeds.

The most exciting news, I guess, is this: after a summer of mirror induced self-loathing, my hair is purple now. And I like it. 

You know why I like it? Because I paid someone to do it. As opposed to you know what.

One of my favorite things about this haircut is that I had it once before - in 1986.

I have also had this color before. Once in high school I was at Juli Cox's house and we decided to dye our hair a nice shade of eggplant. We dyed it in the bathroom, then went way down the long hallway to her room...leaving a nice eggplant trail all over the new carpet. And guess what? Their house was on the market. Wow, was her mom mad.

Mrs. Cox, I get it now, and I am so, so sorry!!

So why am I revisiting my tortured youth? Because I'm FORTY, that's why. Midlife crisis, here I come!! Next I'll be wearing headbands, big shirts and leggings while I jam to 80s music.

Yeah, so, I already do that.

Things can only get better.


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