Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last night, I painted my husband's fingernails and put on his eyeliner

It was a first, but it was for a good cause.

Meet the Osbournes!

It was my friend Jill Ann's "Party Like a Rock Star" birthday party.

And I was a little bit scared of how much I enjoyed doing my makeup like Sharon Osbourne.

Wanna hear something sad? Shanna, this girl

is my Most Fashionable Friend. She's just wearing jeans here because she had literally been at a barn all day. But even in jeans and a tank top, she always looks fantastic from head to toe.  Shanna did my hair and makeup for my wedding and even dressed me for each of my showers!

She was my personal Rachel Zoe.

It is always sad to wake up the next morning after being Shannatized when you look in the mirror and you're back to your old frumpy self.

My friends and I joke that when we are shopping we often think, WWSD? - what would Shanna do? - to help us make purchasing decisions. I am not a makeup person but I have discovered The Secret to looking good at age 40. Y'all ready? Listen real close:

The secret to looking good at 40 is...LOTS of makeup.

So I've been trying very hard to learn how to apply with a concentration on my eyes. I've bought more eyeshadows and liners in the past year than I have since middle school. I've even watched YouTubes on how to apply it! (Yes, there are YouTubes.)

The past several times I have seen Shanna out, I have been giddy with anticipation, waiting for her to say, "Oooo, Missy! You did good on your eyes, girl!"

I've batted my eyes.

I got nothing.

For this costume party, I wore more black and smokey gray eyeshadow on my eyes than I ever have before. Just caked it on. Then when I thought I had too much, I put on more. Then I lined the outsides and insides of my eyes in black which I haven't done since 1980-something.

So, last night, as soon as Shanna saw me in costume, what did she say? 

"Oooooo! I like your eye makeup, Mis! I'm so proud of you!"

Imagine my very, very made up eyes rolling.

I think she liked Walker's eyes too.

Speaking of my wedding. Last night one of the songs that came on was Baby Got Back. Shanna told me that, much to her shock, they played that song at our wedding! So now everytime she hears I like big butts and I cannot lie it reminds her of my and Walker's wedding. Touching, huh?

What can you expect from the Osbournes.


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