Friday, October 15, 2010

We're having problems with boredom in the bedroom

No, not that kind.

The decorating kind.

You know how the master bedroom is usually the last room in the house to get decorated - that is definitely true around here.

I was asking friends and tweeting etc etc when it occurred to me that I have a blog that is read by a few gifted women (And one or two straight guys whom I don't expect to be much help.) So I did a little video of the problem at hand.

(I also did a video recently on just how dirty my house was but I have yet to post it. It's my ministry, y'all. To make you feel better about your own selves via comparison. You're welcome.)

Our bedroom is just blah. It is fairly small and has so much furniture, it looks very crowded. And the walls are BLANK and if you could see the rest of my house, you would know that I consider blank walls to be an abomination of desolation. Yet, poor little bedroom is nekked.

Here, just watch. And then lay it on me.

See what I mean? So boring it could put you to...sleep.

If y'all have any good inspiration links, bring em. I have not had much luck searching the interwebs for fantastic pale green small bedrooms with tons of deco furniture to emulate.


*** Y'all, I have not had time to ponder your comments because we had a garage sale today (exhausted) but re moving the bed under the window - I did that once. It did make the room look bigger but I just felt it looked weird to have curtains behind the bed, you know? Thoughts? 


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