Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Witt to bible steady

It's been a good thing to take a break.  Not that it was an actual choice, it was more of a, I-am-so-overwhelmed-that-I-can't-remember-which-day-it-is-much-less-blog-about-it kinda situation. 

My dear husband has gotten a new job in sales. This is a blessing, because 1) he is SUCH a salesman. Really.  And by that I mean Danny Corday, not Todd Packer and 2) it does mean more money, as my friend Jolie said, we might can order Cokes in restaurants now instead of water. Hallelujah!  The bad side: 1) he travels more and 2) he stresses more.  The travel part, I am gonna be Superwoman and deal with.  But the stress part violates our prenup which clearly stated that I was to be the designated stressbag and he was to be my steady jolly laid back rock.

It's been an adjustment.

Speaking of travel. Why, oh why, does my burglar alarm always decide to go off when he is out of town? Like last night, around 11pm.  Twice.  It indicated that a door or window was ajar in the room that I was in although I could tell - at least it appeared to me - that it was not.  But maybe it was.  Surely, surely I burned off 200-300 calories in the heartracing that ensued while I considered the possibilities.  The many, many possibilities.

I asked the constable to come by just to check, because better paranoid than axemurdered, I always say. Actually I never say that but when he showed up, y'all, the boogeyman I was imagining lurking in my backyard could not have looked creepier!  Square head - and I am not just thinking of Frankenstein because it was just Halloween, boy really had a square head - and pale skin, with deep sunken vampire eyes with dark circles under them - and I am not just thinking of vampires because it was just Halloween. As I showed him to the back door I kept an eye on his flashlight, in case he whacked me over the head with it and my life was immediately and tragically turned into a Dateline special.

It's amazing how quickly one can envision an entire Dateline starring oneself during the twenty seconds it takes to walk Frankenstein slash Dracula slash Ted Bundy across one's living room.

A friend of mine was actually on Dateline because her sorority sister's husband killed her and tried to make it look like a robbery because obviously he didn't watch Dateline or he would know that never works. All the sorority sisters were flown in for an interview but my friend got very little screen time because she simply refused to humiliate herself by doing the sorority song with the hand motions and all that business for the camera. Which is, you know, why we're friends. But she was also in this awful conundrum, because it was horrible and sad that her friend was killed, but - what should she wear for the interview? I assured her that if it were my Dateline - which it very well could have been last night - I would indeed want her to get fresh highlights and a cute new outfit.

Life goes on, y'all.  And it's not like we get to be on TV every day.

Enter segueway here.

Tonight was a major milestone at our house - Eva Rose became a Tuesday Night Girl for the first time!

She has been begging me to go to bible study and see Bethmoore for a long time and tonight it worked out that she could come with me. She loved hearing Sarah Reeves sing, she loved getting to see Bethmoore in person, and she really loved the sign language ladies. But it was bit hard for her to sit still for the entire time though and I felt especially sorry for Lindsee and Jennifer who sat next to her and must have wondered if I had gotten Spazzy Wigglefritz a grande on the way over. At one point during the lesson she kinda waved toward Bethmoore and said to me, "I know all that she's talking about."

She knew all about the Imago Dei and how it was presented in us at creation, retained its distinction after the rebellion, and from the time of the Messiah has been a progressive reflection of the glory of Christ until its completion at the New Creation.

I tell you what, kindergarten just isn't like it was when we were in kindergarten.

I took notes, she took notes:

The thing I love most about the invented spelling of emergent readers is how it reveals the way we speak. Here in Texas, we witt to bible steady.

And that's exactly where I want to be - at bible steady.

Night y'all.


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