Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh my glory it's so pretty GIVEAWAY!

I have a friend named Sabra and Sabra moved to Austin and soon afterwards I started getting facebook messages from Sabra saying, "You have GOT to meet my friend Jessica" so Jessica and I cybermet and facebook friended each other and then I went to the Together for Adoption Conference in October and Jessica was going so I facebook messaged Jessica "Hey are you going?" and Jessica facebook messaged, "Yes! Wanna stay at my house?" and I facebooked Jessica "Absolutely!" and we lived happily ever after.

Sabra was right, Jessica and I stayed up way too late talking on Friday night when we had to get up early the next morning for the second day of the conference we were both praising the Lord for caffeine. She and her husband have two cutie pies and are currently in the process of getting cutie pie #3 from Rwanda. They got their paperwork in LITERALLY at the very last minute before Rwanda closed down adoptions, which is hopefully only temporarily.

But that's not why you will soon love Jessica too.

Here's why.

She has started a jewelry + accessory line called Noonday Collections and on my word, I literally want every single thing she has. Really. I've seen it all. I've touched it all. I've tried half of it on. I've wiped a single solitary tear from my left eye as I put it all back.

Noonday was recently blogged about by the ArtReach Fair Trade Festival , Hey Now Whoa Now and Dreaming Big Dreams and Jessica has been asked to speak at Austin's Pure Conference.

Jessica came to Houston last week and hosted a party at my friend Karre's, and in addition to making todiefor spice bread with homemade maple frosting, Karre graciously donated her hostess commission to us, because we are adopting from Ethiopia. Have I mentioned we are adopting from Ethiopia? I have? Okay then.

But the best part of Noonday, even better than the fact that I want every. stinking. thing, and the fact that the profits help to put a little Rwandan boy in his forever Austin family, is that all of the items come from artisans around the world who receive a fair living wage for their work. These beautiful items are helping to provide a way out of poverty for oppressed people.

I told you it was cool.

So, are you sitting down? Let me show you what I stared at repeatedly last week with a covetous heart:

The Tagua Drops Necklace


It is made from sustainably harvested tagua seeds and is adjustable. A perfect splash of color! Handcrafted be artisans in Ecuador who are part owners in the company (read about them here) for the Andean Collection. (Please note that the necklace is accented with the Acai Rope Necklace. - it is only the blue strand.)

Y'all, those seeds started out looking like something scary and turned into something beautiful.

I could get so very allegorical with that but I'll spare you. You're welcome.

Y'all are going to love how reasonable the prices are. And if you are in Texas and want to host a trunk show, contact her!

 You may leave up to four comments for four entries:
  1. Go to Noonday, drool, come back, leave me a comment with your favorite item in the store = one entry
  2. Tweet about this giveaway and comment that you did = one entry
  3. Follow Noonday on Twitter comment that you did = one entry 
  4. Paste this giveaway on your facebook comment that you did = one entry

I'll draw a random one of you on Wednesday. It's got to be shipped to a US address. If I can't contact you easily, I'll draw someone else. Ready, set, comment!


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