Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Maggie Week

Pardon me while I completely indulge myself in Memory Lane.

But this baby - this itty bitty thing -

turns five years old tomorrow.

And I'm a little bit of a mess about it.

Because five? Is a BIG GIRL.

In honor of Maggie Belle's five years on earth, this week will be Maggie Week at It's Almost Naptime. You know Shark Week? Very, very similar. Because if y'all didn't know, Mags went through an, um, difficult period.

Difficult for me, anyway. Mags was just fine. It was I who was constantly cleaning up poop and dead fish and carting her mischievous little behind to the emergency room.

Every day I will rerun a Maggie post, starting with the very first surprise she gave me.

If you're new around here, you'll get to know her well.

Which is good for you, because my Mags?

She's pretty special.

(there, I went and made myself cry again.)


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