Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prayers for Adah

Several months ago I met a woman in bible study named Sara. Sara and her husband Jason were home in Texas on furlough from China when their six year old daughter Adah was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia - AML. In case you know anything about leukemia, there is a 'good', ie, more curable one, and a bad one - AML is the bad one.

Life suddenly turned upside down for the Morrises. Instead of returning to their beloved China as planned, they have spent the last five months in and out of Texas Children's Hospital here in Houston.  The girls and I went to visit Adah one day when she was able to receive visits. She is beautiful and brilliant. Her mom, Sara, began a CaringBridge site for Adah and her writing is just amazing, so with the encouragement of many, she has begun blogging. Please check out her blog here: Beautiful Addition.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Adah will undergo a bone marrow transplant with bone marrow taken from her baby sister Claire. Thankful to God, Claire was a perfect match, as this increases Adah's prognosis significantly.

Would you please join my family in praying for complete healing for this sweet girl? And if you feel so led, please leave a comment for Sara and Jason on their blog or here on mine. You can also register to receive updates on Adah via email so that you may be witness to the glory of God as he heals her.

Dear Lord, you are the great physician and we come before you now asking for complete and utter healing for your child Adah. Please make the transplant go smoothly and accomplish the goal of completely eradicating the cancer from her body. Please keep her free from infection during this period and rebuke any rejection issues. Send your peace to this family as they cling desperately to you. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.


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