Friday, January 28, 2011

Adoption update

Someone asked for an update on our adoption, so I'll fill you in quickly.

I haven't given y'all any news because, well, there is no news. We are in the hurry up and wait category. We've been on the wait list now for five months.

A 'referral' is when the agency calls us and says, go to your computer so we can send you photos of your baby. We were hoping to get that call in April. Now, it is looking like May, maybe even June.


We were hoping to travel for our court date this summer, but the chances keep getting slimmer. My hopeful expectation is having her home by August. My realistic expectation is sometime in October, after the Ethiopian courts reopen for the rainy season. My worst case scenario is closer to Christmas. But I DO believe that this past Christmas was our last Christmas without her!!

All my conjecture means nothing, however, because God's in control of the whole thing. And in international adoption, things can change on a dime. And have.

The question everyone who sees me asks is, do you know who she is. The answer is no. I am assuming she is soon to be born, but probably not born quite yet. We asked for as tiny a baby as possible, so in my completely fabricated timeline, she will be born in February or March. That would make her come home at around age 6-7 months. It will be fun to see how off I was when we finally get a referral.

When our name is at the top of the list (Gladney does not give you an actual number, you just kinda figure it out), we will be matched with a baby girl who is available for adoption. Then we will be assigned a court date, which we will travel to. If we pass court, we will travel again, hopefully about a month later, when we have been assigned an appointment at the American Embassy for her visa. Then we bring her home!

Logistically, it would be easier on the whole family if this did not happen until school started, because it is easier to ask people to care for my kids when they are in school most of the day. So I keep telling myself.

If you want to pray for us - and we covet all prayers - then please pray for her healthy development, and for the heart of her mother who is now or is about to be in the most agonizing situation. I cannot imagine the anxious thoughts that may be going through her mind as she feels this baby grow inside her.  I constantly pray that she will feel a supernatural peace regarding her child, that God will assure her soul that her baby will be so indescribably loved and cared for.

As for me, I'm fine. I tend to worry about things categorically and chronologically. I am speaking at a women's retreat in Kansas in early April, so that is consuming my extra thoughts. Once that is past, I think I will become a little obsessive about getting The Call.

There's the update on our adoption.

While we're on the topic, I'm thrilled that Park Cities Presbyterian in Dallas is having an adoption conference next month. PCPC, as the kool kids call it, is the mother church of our church here in Houston. Our buddy Dave Stotts did a beautiful video for the conference:

(You can see it better if you click here)

Walker did comment that it made him hum Take My Breath Away. And if you got that joke, you're officially old.


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