Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eleven signs you might be addicted to Words With Friends

  1. You make a "glub glub glub" sound when you walk
  2. Your favorite words in the English language are QI and ZA, even though you have no idea what they mean
  3. You've wrestled over the ethics of using
  4. You've wrestled over the ethics of playing a really naughty word that would land you a lot of points
  5. You've tried to get into the minds of the arbitrary Powers That Be. QUO. It's a word!! And you don't know why Zaire is the only nation recognized, but 29 points says you're glad it is
  6. The little "You've beat soandso" song makes your day
  7. You've texted, emailed or tweeted an incredibly high score you got (or blogged about it. 69 points for 'weenie', y'all. 69 points.)
  8. You suddenly have an ongoing, very intense, very competitive relationship with someone you haven't seen since high school (if ever)
  9. You've never felt competitive against your spouse...until now, when the urge to bet him/her is an all consuming fire
  10. You understand the term "accidental resignation."
  11. Bathroom breaks are taking a lot longer now
The first step is admitting the problem.

Hi, I'm Missy...and I'm a WWFaholic.


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