Friday, January 21, 2011


{Insert a Jed Clampett Oooooo, doggy here} I got links coming out my ears.

First off, my friend Jen Crockett Smith - seven kids ago and two husbands ago we used to be single skinny BSF leaders together -  well, she's still skinny, because of the reason I am about to tell you - is running in the Houston Marathon this Sunday (skinny) and she was chosen by KSBJ to run for Living Water International! Living Water digs wells to help those in the world who don't have clean water.  

5,000 children die a DAY for lack of clean water.

Jen is collecting donations and you can click right here to donate. We'd LOVE for you to put the button on your blog too - you can get the html code here. 

And then please go here and vote for my dear friend Carol's baby. Just leave a comment saying TRENT! She has promised to give me some Dr Pepper if he wins. My sugar high is in your hands.

I loved this post by my friend Kelly at Love Well. I loved it well HA and it convicted my pants off.

Yea Lysa!! The Words Escaped Me

I sobbed through this one about meeting birthparents

Russell Moore says Jesus has AIDS.

If I could force someone to be best friends with me, it would be Amy Sedaris. Walker says she is a grown-up Maggie. Amy has written a book called Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People and demonstrates them here. Prepare to giggle, especially if you are the anti-Martha like I am.

I was telling Walker how oddly Brits pronounce "aluminum" and we came across this site, Forvo, which has different pronunciations and languages for words. You enter a word, like schedule, and hear it many different accents. Oh, the hours I could waste.

In the incredibly random category, David Gilmore from Pink Floyd has a gorgeous boat.

I have more but I will save them for next time. OOooooo, doggy, I got more.

My new year's resolution is to eat more cabbage. I know, I know, me and everybody else! Seriously y'all, cabbage is 20 cents a pound, incredibly nutritious (more vitamin C than oranges - who knew?) and my kids happen to love it. Although it does fall in the magical fruit category (the more you eat, the more you...) we're on a cabbage kick.  I found this recipe, and it is delish. If you have any more, please share.

Book I'm reading:

I'm gonna have you click again, but you won't want to miss this, or what Melissa said about it. Go here.

Have a good weekend, invisibles!


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