Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blogging for spiders

So, there's this conference called PURE in Austin and if you should treat yourself and go to it because Lysa TerKeurst is gonna speak and because it is at the Hyatt Lost Pines which my friends Kara and Nicole were just telling me today when I surprisingly ran into them after BSF because they weren't even there for BSF they were just there at the church which is odd because they don't even go there they go to the Bible church and oh, did I tell you Beth and Scott have been visiting the Bible church? yeah I think they might join there but the Bible church is looking for a pastor now, their guy left to do mercy ministries or something butanyway do you remember Kara adopted the twins? that was so scary? because it looked like they might lose them? and oh, you remember Nicole, she adopted 3 kids from CPS I talked to her a lot when we were going to do that but gosh, seems like everyone I know these days has adopted butanyway Kara - oh, remember Kara was the one that lived with Carolyn and her baby was premature and I prayed for her before I ever met her when I was in that little bible study with Barbara when I was pregnant with Shep! that was so funny - they did Young Life - Scott knew her husband - Scott K, not Scott S, you know what there was this chick I used to teach with who did Young Life but I cannot remember her name now she was kinda weird soANYway Kara said the Hyatt Lost Pines is absolutely dreamy and you would not believe how great Kara looked! She was so stinkin skinny which made me {sigh} because I have just had no energy to go to the Y plus it's so dang cold but HEY? Honey? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?? What'd I just say?

(Walker is out of town tonight so y'all are his standin. Thank you for indulging me. And thanks for not making the little twirly finger "WRAP IT UP" gestures that he does.)

(That's called "spidering" by the way. I learned that at a Love & Respect conference and got a bruised rib from Walker's elbow. It's not his favorite feminine trait.)

(But I would like to say that I finally got to get together with Linsey last week for wine by the fireplace and we spidered until TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING Y'ALL and it was divine.)

I have a point.

Oh yeah - I am speaking at a breakout at this Pure Conference and the topic they asked me to speak about is BLOGGING. So since I realized yesterday that thing is in like, ten days, I should think about what I am gonna say, huh?

Which is where y'all come in. Because many of y'all are bloggers and all of y'all are professional blog readers.

If you were to go to a little breakout session on blogging, what would you like the ditzy rambling chick up there to cover? I have a few ideas - blog etiquette, writing style, etc - but I don't want to miss something.

Can y'all leave me some questions or comments to get me thinking?

Grazie mille!!


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