Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I should be blogging

But I'm choosing bedding.

I am even more tired than usual today, and my usual score on the tired scale is about a 7.25. Also, today at Costco my mom bought me this as an early birthday present and I have to go see if it works. I will be a happy, happy, happy woman if it does.

I love my babies. But they destroyed - d e s t r o y e d - my back. Therefore a goodly portion of my life (and my money) (and today, my momma's money) is spent seeking relief from pain.


I'll finish my post tomorrow.

Till then, please go read LoraLynn's story about bringing home Mira Jane from Uganda.

As if God hadn't show us how wonderful He is enough - He went and invented adoption. He sets the lonely in families, indeed!

Good night invisibles.


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