Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello? Is it 911 you're looking for?

After the Lionel flashback yesterday, we pulled up the original video on youtube. A video that my friend Jenny says she used to watch over and over - rewinding on her VCR after recording it off MTV - because it was so romantic. And she needed tips on how best to wear socks with heels.

Watch this y'all,

Then tell me the truth: Would you not get a restraining order on this man??? Good grief.

If you still have ten minutes of your life to waste and are still humming some Lionel, go watch this. It had me LOLing, and I don't LOL that often. I mean, I do, but not often from like, the internet. Okay, that's not really true either. Actually I LOL a lot. Whatever. Just go watch it.

I am paying bills and whatnot because I am behind. Cause when I get sick, I get behind. When Walker gets sick, I get behind. When the kids get sick, I get behind. When I go out of town, I get behind. When I have Smockaholics, I get behind. When ALL THOSE THINGS happen in a ONE MONTH PERIOD, I hyperventilate a little bit. Just a little. Small paper bag amount, like a lunch sack. And then I snap at my husband like I did this morning. You know when they get the very wide eyed look that leads to a wide eyed roll? Saw that.

I have so much to tell you, invisibles. SO much to share. My head is a swirl of blog posts. It's time for me to start neglecting my family and spend more time blogging. Priorities and all. Soon as I get my sad self caught up, oh, the blog posts we'll go.

** A little note to my fellow Ethiopian adoption peeps: I think the hoopla may very well be unwarranted. VOA is not a terribly reliable source, as far as I can determine, and its certainly not an unbiased one. I've heard encouraging things. So I'm cooling my jets till someone with more authority gives me cause to officially freak out.


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