Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craig's List - Sectional for Sale

This is the ad I posted yesterday.
I purposefully neglected to mention it's long history of being peed-pooped-puked upon.
It sold today. Ca-ching! 

Our green couch is for sale. Comes in 3 pieces, measures approximately 5' x 11' x 7'.

I ain't gonna lie, it's been loved. It's held several babies and the cushions have been used to make many forts and my own butt has gotten significantly fatter on this very couch in front of Bravo TV.

But it still has a whole lot of love left to give. Don't you want some green couch love??

The best part about this couch is that all the cushion covers can be removed and machine washed, and I will do this for you so you'll get it fresh and Tide smelling.

It is olive green and a corduroy type fabric that makes it very easy to wipe away spots. There is a patched hole on one cushion but it is on the side that faces away so it will just be our little secret.

Bought several years ago for too much money from Foley's (may they RIP) back when we were childless, ie, rich enough to buy new furniture. Since we can't sell our house and move in this dang market, I told the husband I want to redo the whole house and my Green Period is ended and I am now entering a Blue Period, that's why we are selling it.

See that TV armoir? It's outta here too. And another Big Green Chair with a Big Green Ottoman. And a Pretty Red Couch. And possibly a Small Child or two.

$225 cash obo

No smoking (blech, nasty habit that) and no pets.

Kids and grandmas priced separately.


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