Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just One Thing

The other day Walker asked me what my dreams were. I told him, "I don't really have any. My dreams were always to get married, have kids, and adopt kids. My dreams have all come true, or are in the process of coming true. Everything else in my life is just gravy."

Well I lied.

My unintentional deception was revealed to me as today, all day, I repeatedly opened up my pantry door, stared at the contents within, and felt a sense of bliss, make that, euphoria, in the innermost core of my soul at the sight of a dream come true.

Take a look yourself. You might want to grab your Snugglie though....

because I bet you just got chills.

I dream of being organized.

I am cursed cursed I tell you CURSED by virtue of being born an order-craver who is not naturally orderly. A clutterbug who hates clutter. A mess who hates messes. 

I've always lacked the ability to constrain my penchant for leaving a souvenir of myself at every place I visit. My "Missy Trail," as my mom calls it.

So if you think having four small children helped an already dire situation, you'd be sadly mistaken. Perhaps even feeble minded.

It is even harder now to erase the carbon footprint of my Missy Trail, what with the Shepherd Trails, Eva Trails, Maggie Trails and Ike Trails that spoke off of it like schizophrenic drunk monkeys in a labyrinth.

Last week, in an especially hormonally induced exhaustion provoked cesspool of overwhelmed fit I told my husband that pretty much every day I feel like the mayor of Loser Creek Forest North (a suburb of Loserville. Better schools.) "It's like every time I walk through a room there are about eight piles of uncompleted projects and they all shoot flaming arrows that say FAILURE right at my heart."

(...a melodramatic who hates drama...)

God bless my husband. Had he known, he might have gotten a degree in counseling just to be married to me.

Between the tears, somehow the two of us came up with: The One Thing Rule.

Because I tend to get so overwhelmed by all the things on my to-do list that I just run and hide in the Land of the Glittery Unicorn Fairy, aka the Internet, he said that every night he would ask me what my One Thing to get accomplished the next day was.

Just One Thing y'all!! That's all! If I accomplished nothing but my One Thing for that day, I would feel like a WINNER. (Winner!) Anything else that got done that day would just be the cherry on top of my productivity sundae.

Yesterday, my One Thing was the pantry.

And lo, the plan workedeth!!

Let me take you on a tour (pronounced "turr" here in Loser Creek Forest North.)

Directly ahead, may I direct your attention to the new shiny Make Your Own Lunch bins, full of packaged delights within easy reach of the shortest lunch maker's sticky little fingers. Directly above that, see how easily the same small hands can grasp their very own instant oatmeal and varied cereals including Kroger brand Alien (judge not lest) for a self-served nutritious-ish breakfast.

Atop the duluxe double tiered Lazy Susan, observe the two ingredients for any gourmet meal: Peanut Butter and Nutella.

(Poor Susan. I bet she wasn't really lazy, just overwhelmed.)

Directly above this are the basic carbohydrates of the American human family unit, bread, Saltines and chips, and above that,

coveted items of the Toddler Black Market: pancake syrup, animal and Graham crackers, and ice cream cones made by elves.

Other One Things that have been accomplished include exchanging summer and winter clothes and shoes for four children (no small feat) and organizing their cubbies.

An inconclusive list of future One Things: tackling this beast

slaying this dragon

and last but not least, exorcising this demon.

(I'd show you an interior picture, but I try to keep this blog family friendly and the inside of my minivan is far too horrific for those of a sensitive disposition.)

Yes, those are stickers on the windows. Lots.
I'm really not in a position where I can talk about it yet. Maybe if my husband gets that counseling degree, I'll be ready to share.

So what about you? What's your One Thing you could do today?


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