Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Big entertainment armoire - $125

Date: 2011-04-29, 4:17PM CDT
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Big ole entertainment armoire.

$125 obo

Bought because it was the only thing in town that could hold my husband's gigantic TV that he bought before he was married to a woman who would have told him "No you can't buy that big ole TV it's too much money and it weighs 500 pounds!" which I think it truly does because I just about threw my back out helping him haul it to the garage last night.

Anyway it's big.

For the tv part, it is exactly 42 inches wide and 37 inches tall.

The thing as a whole is 44.5 inches wide and 75 inches tall.

And it's HEAVY.

It's by Broyhill, which is code for, we paid a whole lot of money for it back before we had kids and therefore actually had money.

It's in very good condition. Two drawers at the bottom, I replaced the knobs with knobs from Anthropologie, which is a store that you should go to to buy your significant female other a present because every single thing in there is beautiful and it will greatly help your relationship if you were just to walk in the door with an Anthropologie bag in your hand. Just my little tip for the boys.

The drawer needs some wood glue. My husband would do it but although he has many gifts, being handy is not one of them. Which is a rather expensive handicap, but he's cute and he changes diapers so we'll keep him.

Has the plug thingy in it. It's actually quite a nice piece of furniture, if I do say so.

I'll even throw in the tassle. And not just because I'd have to cut it to get it off. Because I'm all big-hearted and stuff.

Could possibly be delivered for gas money, which might cost you your firstborn considering prices. If you live near us and talk sweet, we might could even deliver it for free.

Email or text me with any questions.


Date: 2011-07-29, 8:44AM CDT
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This is the big humongous TV that my husband bought way back when he was single and had nothing better to spend his money on but big giant TVs and CDs and DVDs.

It still works. The picture still looks great.

Measures 34x24.

The buttons on the front don't work and the remote? Who on earth knows where that thing went? But it works just fine with the cable remote.

But you lose the remote, you are in trouble.
We lost it a lot and would be forced to watch Blues Clues or MSNBC for hours on end. It was very traumatic. I don't want to talk about it.

Below is the best photo I can come up with. As you can see, the image of Judge Judy is so sharp and clear that it causes toddlers to run in terror.

FREE to good home. Or bad home. I really don't care I'd just like it out of my garage.

It is HEAVY. Takes 2 men to move it (my, how times have changed, grasshopper) so promise a friend some beer and come and get it.

Don't bring your wife, she'll kill you. My husband very strong, manly (grunt grunt) but he has a job and all so he might not be here to help you.


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