Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Today is One Day Without Shoes, hosted by Tom's Shoes, to bring awareness to the fact that the majority of children in the world do not have shoes.

Watch this video to learn more, especially about how it effects the children in the land where our baby waits for us.

And if you feel especially brave, put words like "podoconiosis" or "worm infected feet" in there and see why we're doing this.

Then hop on over to my darling Megan's blog SortaCrunchy and see how you can help.

Today I am headed to the Museum of Health and Medical Science for a field trip, then I must pop into Lowe's to buy an auger to unstop our ever stopped up toilet.

Just realized I've had 3 cups of coffee so far.
I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom at some point.
Note: pack a paper sack into which to hyperventilate.

I'll be tweeting about it here.

And hey y'all -  


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