Monday, April 11, 2011

Shout outs and amens

In case you've wondered what the whole Rob Bell "Love Wins" brouhaha is all about, he is interviewed by Martin Bashir here and it is worth your time. Yes, this is Martin Bashir who interviewed Princess Di and Michael Jackson - and who goes to Tim Keller's Redeemer Pres in NYC! Who knew?!?

Houston peeps: Love and Logic is coming to town, and I am so there. 

Make an Easter Garden This is from Ann's blog a couple years back...some day I will do beautiful artsy things like this. Not this year though. Un uh. Ain't gon happen. Let's get real, ain't gon happen this decade. But perhaps my grandkids will get to see my artsy side...

Befores and Afters of Japan - devastating.

A big AMEN to this one: My answer to "Do you want more children?"

Amen amen amen: Courage, Fear and Adoption

I realized recently that a lot of Christians don't  know the story of how Planned Parenthood began. If you don't know, you need to. Planned Parenthood's Eugenics Roots

And how Planned Parenthood had something called The Negro Project.

The Christian Divorce Rate Myth (summary: Christian posers get divorced at the same rate as the rest of the population. People who actually follow Jesus don't. Y'all knew that already but here's the stats.)

Ever wondered if Great Britain is the same as England is the same as the UK? And what's up with Ireland? Here ya go.

Your podcast:
We listened to "Is Islam a Religion of Peace" on NPR's religion podcast, which led us to Intelligence Squared, which is a list of podcasts of debates on anything from Obamacare to organic food to Walker's personal favorite called "Good Riddance to Mainstream Media." Oh my word, I could spend all day here. And no One Things would ever be accomplished ever again.

Book I just read:

About a couple of college kids who become homeless for five months as a test of their faith. I really enjoyed it, and I appreciate that he made such a rated R topic very rated PG so that I can read it with my kids in a couple of years.

Your youtube:
If you laugh at Julie Bowen's story about her kids, then you are probably a very bad mother.

I myself was rolling on the floor.
Get Fatty out!!


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