Monday, May 16, 2011

31 Days Closer to a New Home: Day LOSER!!

For the record, I did try to blog last week but Blogger was down. I also could not update my status on facebook and for a while I was quite concerned that this was the Apocalypse because I'm pretty sure I read about both of those being end time signs in Revelation. Or else I saw that real real late once on TBN. But we're still here and Jesus is not, so I guess y'all have some more time to work out your issues. Praise the Lord.

Speaking of TBN, our buddy Dave (you know, Dave) was on there last week being interviewed by Kirk Cameron and after our torture of sorting through hours of The PTL Club, we were absolutely delighted with the interview, all because of the way that Dave managed to keep on being funny after it became evident that Mike Seaver has ZERO sense of humor. I did not have a teenage crush on him (Jason Bateman had already stolen my heart) but if y'all did, this interview will probably be evidence that it wouldn't have worked out anyway.


Despite the fact that all May has broken loose I am proud to say that I got something done today.

You should know that almost every night the two people who live inside my brain have a long conversation that keeps me awake. Tired Supportive Missy says, "Just tell Sandy you can't do this 31 Day thing. It's okay. Your sweet readers will not hold it against you. It's been a crazy month for 42 different reasons. You can quit. It's okay." Then Crazy, Slightly Emotionally Abusive Missy replies, "No you can't quit, you LOSER! You LOSER QUITTER! Just do one thing each day! Just one stupid thing!! Gah! You're such a BABY! I'm embarrassed to even share a brain with you!!"

Crazy Emotionally Abusive Missy has been winning.
Seriously, I can't handle it when she talks to me that way.
I know that's her idea of a pep talk, and it is indeed inspiring, but she's really hurts my feelings sometimes. Sometimes she even makes Tired Supportive Missy cry.

Y'all are schizophrenic too, right? I mean I'm not the only one whose brain has conversations with its own self, am I?

The schizophrenia probably also explains why my DVR holds everything (well, not everything) from The PTL Club to "Becoming Chaz," aka, Two Whole Hours of My Life I'll Never Get Back.

Okay, back to decorating.

Last week I hauled my apprentice Maggie with me to Home Goods to buy a rug. I had come for one I'd seen the week before, but when I was there - lo, I saw two more that were oh so pretty. So I did what any estrogen blooded American woman would do.

I bought all three.

Today I unrolled each one and huffed and puffed the sectional each time to see which one I liked best.

Oh, did I tell you I got a new sectional? Well I did. Off Craig's List. It's nice. It's a neutral tweed that will be Hard To Stain.  It has recliners, seriously, how have I lived my whole life without a reclining couch?? And the old lady smell is 90% gone from it already.

********  Here is the part where I was supposed to show you the pictures of all the rugs.

Except when I just went to get my camera to download the pictures, it had mysteriously disappeared.

I have a sinking suspicion that the culprit looks like this

He looks all sweet and innocent, huh? HA.

He is also in bed and there is nothing I can do about it except listen to them start up again. LOSER!!! You're such a LOSER!!!


I'll show you tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now.

With my DVR. Walker is out of town...hopefully Tired Supportive Missy will be the one to join me in his place.

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