Thursday, May 19, 2011

31 Days Closer to a New Home: The Rugs

Y'all, it's a bona fide miracle that not only do I have my camera, but my computer is working, and I am awake. And I found the cord to connect my camera. So let's ride this wave before she falls asleep in front of a Frontline documentary while playing Words With Friends.

Last night my camera was MIA again. This morning, Ike knew exactly where it was, he's just so helpful. He'd also taken some photos for y'all. He's very into decorating. Notice his budding skillz both as decorator and photographer. 

He calls this one "Couch"

"Rug...with Ballet Bag" by Ike Dollahon

"New Beginnings" by Ike Dollahon

All are available for purchase, y'all. A must have for your collection. Special price for YOU, pretty lady!

Maggie was sweet enough to take a photo of the photographer.

He is such a stinker. Can't you tell? He's going to be the death of me. The death of my sanity anyway.

This rug

is the one that I saw originally but didn't buy because I was with my mom, and I just can't drop any money on a rug with Frieda there watching. Even though my goal has been to finance the majority of this redo with the money I've made from selling everything but my soul/kids on Craig's List (so far, so good) I still am afraid that my mom will yell at me for spending $200 on a rug the same way she yelled at me when I spent $40 on that blue swimsuit at Lord & Taylor back in seventh grade. Back when $40 was an expensive swimsuit. Back when $40 was like, two tanks of gas. Back when I used to walk a mile each way to school in the snow wearing a very pretty blue swimsuit from Lord & Taylor.

When I got back to Home Goods it was on clearance y'all! For $135, which is cheap!

Problem is, when I put it down, I thought it looked kinda, well, cheap.

Even though it matched my pillows fabulously

I just couldn't make myself love it. So long, cheap rug.

I rolled and unrolled and huffed and puffed and considered Contender Number Two.

I like it. It's very pretty.


Huff, puff, roll, unroll, Contender Three:

I fell in love.

I'd tell you that it was the most expensive rug but you already knew that, didn't you? Don't tell Frieda, k?

But look at it! The flaffers!!


Every time I see it I feel like busting out in this song:

Wearing a pretty blue bathing suit.

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