Monday, May 2, 2011

31 One Days Closer to a new home - day 2: How I fell in Love


I didn't get as much done today as I anticipated. My goal was to tackle the c word - CLUTTER - but a friend came over rather impromptu and we sat on the couch (a red couch, keep that in mind for later) and discussed adoption for a couple of hours. Now girltalk is my favorite hobby so I am not sad I did it, my de-c-wording took a hit.

OH - and today was the first day of the rest of my life as a Swim Team Mom. I have avoided swim team for as long as I could, because Hello! daily practice and Hello Hello! meets every Saturday. But we've taken the plunge, HAHAHHAHAHA get it. (Remember the Nestea commercials where the guy falls into the pool?) (FOCUS MISSY) Anyway, I am only insisting that my kids do two things: learn to swim properly and learn the play piano. Aside from that, they can be losers. But with God as my witness, they will be winners at swimming and reading music.

So while I am still drowning in clutter (you think I jest, I'll post pictures) I DID accomplish two missions. Here's proof:

My husband is standing in an empty place.


The ad went a little something like this:

Antique deco drop leaf table - $125

This table was, at one point in it's life, just absolutely gorgeous.

And then I had kids.

And if you've ever wondered how much damage 4 kids, some spilt milk (cried over it) and some Crayola markers can do to a gorgeous piece of furniture, I'm here to testify. A lot.

It is deco, the thing is huge, it's 4'2 x 3'2, the leaves add an extra 39 inches.

It has an diamond pattern on the top of inlaid wood. Then the diamond pattern is repeated in the base. There is a brass rod that runs across the bottom.

I have never seen anything this unique since I bought it. It's just beautiful, but it is gonna need some major TLC to restore it to it's former glory and therefore (exhale) I'm only asking $125 for it. Or (exhale again) best offer.

Dang kids.

Since Craig's List photos look like they were taken by a drunk monkey, I'm happy to email or text you better ones.

I got $60 for it.

But it's gone. And as the sucker guy who bought it and Walker carried it out, I got pretty welly, because this table has memories.

Back in the day I used to have a very fancy sit down dinner every Christmas. I made ossobucco at this one. Ossobucco is Italian for expensive and incredibly time consuming but oh sweet veal shank it's worth it.

I think I'll make that again this Christmas. 
bahahahahahahhahahah!!! as if.

But look, who's that cute young man in the black shirt on the left?
If you guessed my boyfriend, you'd be mistaken. My boyfriend was the the guy on his right in the white shirt. There's probably loads of symbolism what with the black shirt/white shirt there but I'm gonna let it pass.

The main reason this table is so special to me is because it is where I fell in love with Walker.

Well, as Walker pointed out awkwardly as the guy was determining if he should buy it, not ON it, but you know, sitting at it. Ahem.

About three months after the ossobucco, I was still dating white shirt but starting to have some serious doubts that he was Mr. Missy. Unbeknownst to me, Black Shirt, aka, my best guy friend/my buddy/my pal was starting to have serious thoughts that he actually might be Mr. Missy.

Never trust the best friend, y'all.

Black Shirt and I were Bible Study Fellowship leaders together (in a singles co-ed group) and one week we had to have two lessons done for our Monday night leaders' meeting. On Sunday, I got a phone call - it was Black Shirt. He asked if I had done my lessons, and I said I'd done one and was going to do the other one that night. Then he said, "I'm going to Starbucks to do the other one - then I'm coming over to your house, and we'll copy." I said okay.

Now, you BSF ladies out there, pick yourselves up off the floor. {Can someone please get her a defibrillator?} Yes, we cheated on our BSF homework. And we were leaders. But Jesus' blood covers even THAT sin, right? Right??

So, he came over. Since it was Easter time, and since I was a PreKindergarten teacher, I wore bunny ears at all times. The purple bunny ears were lying on my kitchen table.

Black Shirt sat down at my table with the contraband BSF notes. He took one look at the bunny ears, and did what any normal person would do - he put them on his head and proceeded to cheat at bible study.

And instantly, it was like Cupid shot an arrow PINGGGGGGGGGG right to my heart. I fell in love with him RIGHT THERE. Right on my kitchen table. I mean, not on it, but you know, sitting at it. Ahem.

Problem was, well, White Shirt.

Which brings us to the red couch.

Which I'll tell you about tomorrow.


  1. cannot leave me hanging like that!!! And also, I too also am in possession of a red couch, so...well, that means something I'm sure. And p.s. you better finish this story tomorrow totally for sure because you PROMISED. For sure.

    p.p.s. I swear I haven't been drinking. But it is 12:57 a.m.

  2. looking forward to...tomorrow? (clock says 1214)...

  3. You are too funny...I would buy your stuff if I read an ad like that :)

  4. What? You can't do that to us!

  5. oh J and i cheated on our homework were already married but I got CAUGHT, in LEADERS meeting b/c I couldn't read/understand his answer. God's grace covers it

  6. Mostly I just want to know about the one guy actually looking at the camera and giving a nice toast. Does Suit have a cool story, too?

  7. Oh man! A cliff hanger. I can't wait to read about white shirt on red couch.

  8. I laugh so much when I read your posts.I think because I relate to it. Today it was the swimming/piano/loser lines and the cheating on Bible study. hahaha

  9. You seriously CRACK.ME.UP. If I ever need to sell anything on Craigslist, I'm sending it to you first so you can write the ad for me.

  10. Ugh, I am a fellow swim team mom and it is KILLING ME. Could there be anything more inconvenient than daily swim practice 5-6:30? As if I needed another excuse not to cook dinner and grab Mexican food instead? I keep telling myself that my kids need to learn how to swim, and this is the cheapest route.

    I have a 10 year old swing set in my backyard being held together with duct tape which will make its Craigslist debut later this week. Hope it sells as quick as your furniture has been!

  11. Now I've got a picture of a drunk monkey with a camera in my head. Bahahaha!

  12. You cheated on your BSF? (She asks as she quite literally turns to pick up her pencil again and return to doing her last lesson before tomorrow at 9:05) But is it really cheating just because you didn't follow their prescribed schedule? I think that would be legalistic, right? Can you tell me what it means to be humble and contrite i spirit? Just wondering. :)

  13. Can't wait to hear the rest!

  14. Ohhh, this is fun:)

    Also, I think we could start a whole blog dedicated to "things I bought when I had money (before kids- or in my case, when I only had one kid) that turned out to be really stupid choices after kids (or in my case, once the tornado known as Anna came home.)

  15. Bunny ears and cheating on bible study homework? There is little question as to why you fell hard.

    You better be posting the rest of this story fast, it's a slow day around here with 2/3 of my kids at preschool and my husband home on vacation making mixed drinks for kicks. I need some entertainment!

  16. At the table and not On the table will have me laughing the rest of the day. Sooo funny!

    Sinner Cheaters!

    I cheated a couple of times on my college freshman Experiencing God study. I felt so guilty for cheating AND procrastinating. :)

  17. Favorite part of this series by far is you posting everyday!!!
    I would buy your furniture just to meet the lady behind the ads!

  18. If I told you our story, would you write it out with cute phrases and words like yours? Im sure it would sound great too if it was told by you! ;) wink wink. cant wait for pt 2

  19. So, where are you guys eating, coloring, crafting, etc.?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. OK I am rolling in laughter because you have a very creative way to put things :) LOVE IT!!!! Need some fresh laughter!

  22. I'm in love with your story, and the fact that I'm not the only one who starts a post one way and finishes it another. I'm determined not to apologize for where my words may lead...

  23. Oh what a sweet story!!! But I just have to mention... the table actually has a table cloth on it in the Christmas picture, so you can't even see the pretty pattern originally!
    Also, what will you do for a table now?
    And... if I ever have to sell anything on Craig's list (not that we have anything to sell) will you write my ads for me???
    Finally... you're going to be featured (sort of) on my blog tomorrow so be sure and check it out! ;)

  24. Missy,

    I'm so glad you found our blog through Facebook! Random...while I was checking my daily blogs, I peeked at a friends BlogRoll to see you on there! WOW! Small world.

    I have to admit, I was verrry jealous that you were in my parents' wedding. I used to ask my mom why I didn't get to be the flower girl. :( Ha ha!

    I've heard your name my whole life!! I can't wait to tell my mom about your blog, she is going to be so excited!!

    ~Sarah "Rita's Daughter" McCoy

  25. Your Craigslist ads are by far the most entertaining I've ever read...which isn't really THAT hard to do considering craigslist, but ya know what I mean. So what's the story with selling all of the furniture?

  26. I just love you and your stories! Even though I know the ending, I'm dying to know the middle part of this story.

  27. 1. Dying to know the rest.
    2. You write the best Caigs List ads ever.
    3. What will go in this table's beloved place?
    4. Why swim team?
    5. I love the way you make me laugh!


  28. Hahahahaha.
    Nancy- I am right there with you! Instead of walking across the room to look up "contrite", i picked up the laptop and read Missy's blog.

  29. Alright, that was 21 hours ago. Time for the rest of the story!! :)

  30. I love your blog!! You crack me up and make me think we must have somehow been twin sisters removed in utero. Thank you for your blog. Thanks for your recent adoption blog. It was also the cry of my heart (we are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia).... Anyway, love it, and look forward to reading your blogs (which is rare for me - I am rather picky when it cones to other people's ramblings, it turns out!)

  31. Your love story sounds eerily similar to ours. Except we were leading a youth group bible study. And i was 18. And he was 24. and had possibly been my bible study leader the year before. you know. when i was in high school. ohhhh it is a sketchy sounding story. not nearly as sketchy as it sounds. but there were lots of dinners over "planning bible study"s that never got planned. there must be something in the air when you are planning a bible study with the opposite sex. or "planning bible study" I should say.

  32. $60 better than nothing and at least you have pictures, right??

  33. Love your Craigslist post!

    Also, loved your story about BSF homework. I just joined BSF recently (way late in Isaiah, just past all the doom and gloom). I'm learning so much!

  34. Okay, first of all, I did NOT give you permission to post a picture of my dining room table! :) hahaha!
    I have two little boys, so ... yeah... I can relate :)

    So happy to find you at the "Encouragement is Contagious!" linky party on my blog! :) I'm your newest follower! I would love for you to link up again next time! :)




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