Friday, May 6, 2011

31 One Days Closer to a new home - day 5: How I Got Engaged

Another day, another empty space.

The red couch

Shabby chic, great condition

has found a new home. And once again, I got a little welly, because something sort of crucial happened on the red couch.

Sitting on it, I mean.

So the last event to happen in our love story was that he put the purple bunny ears upon his head and proceeded to copy my bible study and then I fell in love. Right there. At the table, not on the table.

But there was a problem, in that I was dating White Shirt.

When you are 30ish and been a-prayin and a-prayin for the Lord to bring you your future baby daddy, if you then commence to dating someone who happens to be nice and cute with an awesome Jesus resume, you automatically think they must be The One. I mean, why would God have you waste your time and ovum otherwise?? So even if you and Supposed One drive each other bananas you rationalize that it is simply God revealing your sin to you. The sin of being too picky, too high maintenance, blah blah blah blah blah BLAH. And whoa, was I sinful because wow, my relationship with White Shirt was driving me up the cotton picking wall. And I'm positive the feeling was mutual, bless his heart.

(It is now my opinion that planning a wedding, getting a big hairy man as a permanent roommate, having inlaws, and raising babies will reveal your sin to you in 43,000,000 different ways. Dating, however, should be FUN!! So if the dating part just crazy stinkin hard? your best friend single?)

Ergo. I spent some time complaining to Black Shirt about my relationship. And Black Shirt started thinking, specifically, at a Superbowl party at White Shirt's house, 'Man, Missy's so cool, White Shirt is stupid not to marry her.' And then he started thinking, 'Man, Missy's so cool, maybe...maybe...'

That went on for a couple of months, me completely oblivious to his budding feelings, complaining about my unfulfilling relationship, as Walker pined away, aching in a sea of misery, sobbing to sleep every night in a fetal position crying WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY?

Or, you know, something close to that.

Then, one evening in April, he sat at my then beautiful art deco antique kitchen table and put on the bunny ears.

Then I got so confused and started crying a lot and praying a lot and was basically a complete basket case.

Then he came over to my house one night, sat on my couch (not the red couch, a green couch, one that we literally could not give away at a garage sale) and told me that if I weren't dating White Shirt that he would kiss me right now.

And then I moved to the other end of the couch because I knew that if I did not physically move myself I would completely jump his bones.

And then he thought I was wildly offended and sputtered and apologized and left.

And then I cried some more and prayed some more and became resolved that I was going to marry Black Shirt, aka, Walker Dollahon.

True red with slight brocade design

Then he sent me an email apologizing, saying his behavior was totally inappropriate and we should only hang out in groups.

And then I rolled my eyes because I already knew I was gonna be Mrs. Black Shirt but I emailed back, you're right, absolutely Mr. Darcy, I forgive you for your egregious behavior.

So then I organized an entire huge dinner for about 15 of our friends just so I could see him. In a group.

And then he ended up breaking his own rule by walking to my car and saying, "Let's go get a glass of wine at your house" so we did and he told me I should break up with White Shirt.

So, yeah, I broke up with White Shirt.
That was May 3, 2002.

Two days later, Walker went on a date - YES, he was on a DATE WITH ANOTHER GIRL - that had been planned before yeah yeah yeah to see Dave Matthews Band. This girl really dug his cookies but he had never really clicked with her, even though she was very pretty. And she was always very, rude to me, by the way. Not that that matters, except, it did make me smile a little evil smile and give her an extra big hug at my wedding. So that night he took home pretty little confused blown-off her as quickly as he could after the concert, and raced over to my house.

And finally, we kissed.

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After we kissed a couple or twenty times I walked him to the door and we were doing the sweet long smiley stand in the doorway staring in each other's eyes goodnight ritual that you do when you are all lovey dovey gushy mushy. It went like this:

Walker: Good night...
Missy: Good night...
Walker: Call you tomorrow...
Missy: Okay...
Walker: Have a good day at work tomorrow...
Missy: Okay you too...
Walker: I love you.
Walker: Heh. Heh heh. I um, didn't mean to say that.
Missy: I think you better come back inside.

We walked back in and sat on the red couch.

Removable washable slipcovers

Walker: What I meant was, I love you (punches my shoulder) I mean, you're my buddy, you're Missy, you're my pal (he pats me on the head. Literally. He patted me on the head.)
Missy: (stares in stunned disbelief)
Walker: No. No. You know what, I do. I love you. I do. I really love you.
Missy: (staring in stunned disbelief) I love you too.
Walker: Okay. Let's get married.
Missy: (staring in stunned disbelief) Okay.

All this happened, nine years ago, TONIGHT - on Cinco de Mayo, 2002.

I got $125 for the couch on Craig's List. Not bad, eh?

A great addition to any home

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