Monday, May 9, 2011

31 One Days Closer to a New Home - Day 8: Let me introduce you to my decorator

And I still have the crud.

Maybe it's because as of Saturday, I am no longer 40 but officially "in my 40s" that I can't kick this crud like I coulda when I was a mere babe of 39. All I know is that today was our first oh-my-word-why-do-I-live-here-it's-so-hot day in Houston, and I had chills whilst standing in the 95 degree heat at swim practice. Which would be nice if I didn't also feel like 95 degree spit.

How was Mother's Day for y'all? For the first time ever, my birthday fell the day before Mother's Day. I had an awesome weekend but it whipped me. Friday night Walker took me to Mark's, one of our favorite restaurants, and then Saturday we had tickets to the best show in town, starring this little lady:

and that night we had supper club with awesome old friends. Busy. And did I mention I am sick. And old. Sick and old.

So since I spent most of today lying around as much as possible, let's focus on past victories, shall we?

So, y'all, I cheated a little, because I started working on this home makeover business about halfway through April. Which was a good thing since I've been a whining aching coughing mess for most of May thus far.

First off, some of you have asked why I am redoing my crib and getting rid of perfectly good furniture. It's all because I am a stay at home mom. Which means that I have been looking at the same stuff for approximately 4,440 days now, and I'm just flat out tard of it.

When I first started decorating this house, I was very into big and dark. Maybe because I looked like this at the time?

Now I am into light and bright.

I wish I could say that's because I currently look light and bright myself, makeover at a time, y'all.

Okay first off, do y'all know about Pinterest? Pinterest is where you can very easily "pin" photos you like that you see online, which comes in mighty handy if you are, like, trying to redo your house in 31 days or something crazy like that. Y'all can see all the things I am fancying here.

And if you look very long at my boards, you will see that I am a little obsessed at the moment with painted furniture.

And you might say to yourself, "Wow, if I didn't know any better, I'd say Missy was a little Nester copycat."

There's a very good reason for that.

It's cuz I've turned into a little Nester copycat.

Several years ago, my pride would have never let me be a copycat of anyone. But I'm old now and low on pride plus I have, in the past, burst into tears staring at paint chips at Lowe's. So laziness wisdom says, 'Let's just copy the lady with better taste.'

I love The Nester's style. So I am just pretending that I am hiring her to redecorate my house, for very, very cheap.

My walls were painted a shade that I have long forgotten the proper name of so I just referred to it as "egg yolk."

And I loved it, right up until the day that I couldn't stand it anymore.

So, my decorator really, really loves the color Tobacco Road, and she talked me into it. 

I am either incredibly optimistic, or incredibly stupid, because I always think that I can paint a room, any room, in about half a day. One Tuesday I said, "I'll have this done before the kids are home from school!" and took another whiff off my crack pipe.

Then I remembered that this room has four doors, two entrances, and six windows. Took several days and half a DVR to complete. But now that it is done, I agree with her, I just love the color.

It pops so pretty with the white. 

And it looks very nice with my new painted furniture, which I'll tell you all about tomorrow. Oh Theraflu....

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