Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you want to bash adoption, bring it.

Just got another adoption hater comment, which I promptly deleted, because that's what I do with nasty ignorant comments. I trash them.

But my justice-o-meter wants to hunt them down, tie them in a chair, and show them pictures of orphanages where babies don't even have diapers so they crawl around in their own waste, where the children who leave often walk straight into the sex trade. Then I'd pull out some pie charts of AIDS and mortality rates in these countries, since they clearly show that the kids will quite possibly meet the same fate as their parents soon.

After that, I'd find some really graphic photos of children who've been beaten almost to death by their birth parents here in the States. I'll show the xrays of my CASA three month old baby girl with skull fractures on three sides of her head that the doctor said came from being bashed against a wall. Repeatedly. By her birthmother. I'll also bust out an article about, oh so many to chose, how about the little 6 year old Houston girl whose birthmother allowed her boyfriend to kill her. Then I'll top it off with the autopsy report showing the genital herpes raiding her little body.

Maybe, MAYBE, these people who think they are such victims would see what a true victim is and become a little less myopic.

Then, I'd like to force them to write a 30,000 word essay about why those homes are better than the Dollahon house.

Since I can't do that, I'll just vent to you.

Oh, and for the record adoption bashers, I was adopted.
And I'm thankful for that every day.

Oh - PS. The hole in your heart is not from being adopted. The hole in your heart is from being separated from God. Trust me on this one. No amount of adoption bashing is gonna fill it.

PPS - those of you who are dumbfounded by why anyone would be against adoption:

Some believe that children losing their home culture is a travesty. They are right. About some of it. But some aspects of some cultures are deadly and don't seem to be changing anytime soon. And if these children were to stay in that culture, the chances of them being dead in a few years are pretty stinking high. Crazy me, I think survival is more important than culture.

I wish with all my heart that there was no need for adoption.

I wish that all babies were born to loving, delighted homes with a mom and dad who had the financial, emotional, and physical support to parent them.

I wish parents never died.

I wish there was no AIDS.

I wish there was no poverty.

I wish there was no child abuse.

I wish there were no orphanages.

I wish I were utterly ignorant of terms like 'infant mortality' and 'pedophilia' and 'kwashiorkor' and 'radical attachment disorder' and 'child prostitution.'

But this is not the world we live in, as you all know.

Many believe that adoption should be a last resort, after the birthparents who want their kids have been given the resources they need to parent. Sounds fantastic to me.  (Crazy thing is, resources overfloweth in America, yet we still have over 100,000 orphans. Hm.)

Until that happens, we have a crisis of orphans in this world. We have a crisis of foster children in this country. Millions and millions and millions of children are alone in an evil world that would love to use them to suit its evil purposes.

So until Jesus comes back or Utopia magically appears, I'm gonna be momma to as many mommaless kiddos as God and my husband allow me to.

Bash away.


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